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    Planetary Vendors sell Crafting components that their respective planet focuses upon, as well as, rarely, crystals, relics, or other equipment that they have found or purchased.
    For example, Tatooine’s Czerka Outposts sell refined Ore and mined goods, with quality and quantity varying upon your reputation.
    Clearing the Dune Sea of Tusken Raiders threatening the desert civilization, or completing delivery quests for the Czerka Corporation across the Galaxy improves your standing with Czerka and unlocks purchase of improved quality Crafting materials and items.
    When a faction conquers a planet, the faction is granted discounts and better supply from the respective planetary vendors.
    Their inventory changes daily on server restart, with variations in price, quantity, and quality of each Crafting component and item.


    Planetary Vendors have a 1-10 Ranking System.
    Reputation is gained over time by doing quests, trading with the vendor, and gets a flat +2 boost when the planet is conquered by your faction.
    Higher Reputation grants you further access to exclusive, and more difficult, quests with better rewards, and most importantly, higher-quality resources and components.
    All Vendors have 5 base inventory slots, and 5 to unlock for every other reputation level.
    Each of the 5 unlockable slots gives a +50% bonus to Quality+ chances, adding another +50% (from base) for each slot.
    As such, the Rank 10 slot will have a +250% better chance of getting a Quality+ resource.
    (65% Fair, 24.5% for Quality, 10.15% for Select, 0.35% for Exceptional)