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    Charger's Resignation

    Don't worry my friend, I'll still be around. Life's just thrown me a curve ball right now and I need to sort that stuff out first.
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    Charger's Resignation

    Hey Reborn Gamer dudes. I'm gonna keep this short and sweet, unfortunately this isn't a meme post this time. I'm resigning from Super Admin because I'm super busy IRL right now and I don't think it's fair to remain in the position when I know I won't be able to contribute for the foreseeable...
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    pumps d cord ban appeal

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    Mouses Trooper unblacklist

    Ahhh I see. I just assumed it was a ban because it was in ban appeals lol.
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    Mouses Trooper unblacklist

    There's no ban for your steamid at the moment. I'm guessing your ban has been removed since posting this? Closed
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    ban appeal

    I think you've confused our server with a different server. There's no ban associated with your steamid. Closed
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    Sigma's Staff Application

    Oh my this is still up from when I went on my LOA, poor guy has been waiting a week. I'll give you a shot, join teamspeak for more information about getting your in-game rank etc. Accepted.
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    Week LOA

    Very good, I come back and you leave. +5 would rotate LOA's week to week with ZoZo again.
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    Charger's LOA

    Taking the week off. Got some stuff that suddenly popped up and I can't take on anything else right now. See ya'll in a bit.
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    Blackjack's Staff Application

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    Ban appeal

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    Vethars mod application!

    Accepted Don't randomly leave this time.
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    App for the S T A F F

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    If this gets deleted wow

    Shepard gave him the okay to ban you. Locked. Also purging the jabs at Redicule because we should be better than this.