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    yort - moderator application

    +1 cute
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    these bitches love sosa
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    Firehawk Reveal Thread

    Look at this fat mf puff out his chest. CRINGE
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    Most Hated Player In Reborn History?

    yeah i hate that dragon guy
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    What does Jar Jar get?

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    Vickolas Van's Staff Application

    +1 very good staff member, has many wrinkles on brain
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    Firehawk's Staff Application

    kiss me
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    Firehawk's Staff Application

    Your name: Firehawk Your steamID: STEAM_1:1:79386574 Your current rank: Cool Guy Amount of Warns: 0 Player's Server Information Rank you are applying for: Moderator Total time with the community (months): 40 Current level within the server: 0 Administration Availability What time during...
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    Oils staff app

    +1 very cringe, lost to an apprentice as dark council when the apprentice was 1/2 his level and had a common crystal. CRINGE
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    Sniper's Staff Application

    +1 nice sand guy maybe alitte awkward and cringe but he's a nice fellow
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    Gaelics GM Application (Oh god)

    very cool guy +1
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    Vethar's Staff App

    +1 best staff and egirl in one!
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    Loody's App

    +1 my man
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    ZoZo Morningstar's Staff Application

    +1 father