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    Reaver's Free CC Rework

    Your globally used name: Reaver Zorn STEAMID32: STEAM_0:1:151155862 Model link: Model ID: models/epangelmatikes/mtu/mtultimate.mdl
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    Shade Tano ban appeal

    -1 you’re ultra toxic and also have a history of hacking on the server. This appeal is just you saying “I don’t deserve it, I didn’t do anything” rather than appealing for your past or promising change.
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    Grey Jedi Application

    bro loody you dont play
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    Xidant Player Report

    Your In-Game Name and Steam ID: Reaver Zorn STEAM_0:1:151155862 Reporting Player IG Name and Steam ID: Havoc Squad Yajarobe STEAM_0:0:49784466 Reason: Abusing 3rd person camera to see through the entire map, possible ESP Proof(Highly recommended): This clip...
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    Departed's Dread Master Raptus Application

    -1 I can see Dread Masters having a massive arc in the server, because of how important/powerful they are in the SWTOR universe. I don't think you have the playtime/knowledge of the server YET to be apart of this group. I would like to see you get more playtime and notoriety before seeing you as...
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    pizzas merc and dark jedi application.

    The server playtime and gmod playtime needs your actual amount of hours via in game !playtime command, and steam respectively. Also, your character background doesn’t seem very serious, and I have no idea who you are. -1
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    Reaver's Custom Igniter

    Your globally-used name: Reaver Zorn STEAMID32: STEAM_0:1:151155862 Sound Type: Igniter OR Sound Pack Link to Sounds (with Timestamps): Attached in ZIP folder as MP3, titled Ignition and Retraction
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    IROCONIAN PREMIERE pieces of the empire

    Well yeah, it’s ancient because it’s from over 2 years ago bozo.
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    CC Wipe 13/4/2022 - 20/4/2022

    STEAM_0:1:151155862 models/player/swtor/arsenic/shilen2/shilenrevamped.mdl
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    DemonNero97- Ban Appeal

    Bro Lukir you’ve been here long enough to know that’s not true.
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    DemonNero97- Ban Appeal

    Did the chargebacks go through? Paypal forces a $25 fee onto Ronnie/Nabe if you do a chargeback, meaning that "just revoking the VIP+/CC" isnt really possible because they'd still be $50 in the hole. I haven't been that active the past month so I don't really know who you are, but the last time...
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    Ban Appeal

    I'd say +1 to a reduction to like 2 weeks, but -1 to a complete unban.
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    Who was the best JvS player

    How you gonna claim to be the best when you're hiding behind a burner account bruh.
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    Rowdy's CC

    Why’s there separate modelIDs for body groups?
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    Rowdy's CC

    Thats not how its ever worked. You get 1 model as a CC. If you want multiple models, you have to buy multiple CCs.