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    remove gamemaster tags/vip request

    i resigned like a week ago. also im normal/base VIP steamid: STEAM_1:1:123531036
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    Game Night!

    ios < android
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    Nazgul's Gamemaster Application

    wtf is VRChat RP
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    Kubo's Mod App

    oh fuck you were an admin on ice darkRP #3 I use to play that server a fuck-ton
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    Mist's LOA

    The newer graphics cards (20xx or above) require two separate power connectors or they will catch on fire. If he had a cheap PSU that could also be why. NZXT also had that thing with riser cables being a flame hazard
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    Kringles Gamemaster App

    Neutral, Same reasoning as Mojang. That events only like 3 sentences long +1 took advice and improved event
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    Scary's 4th CC

    how/why do you have 4 cc's
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    Toast's Game master APP

    +2 event good brain hurt
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    better cc

    very uncalled for to call anzati the r word Eros
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    Treason's Staff Application

    Say yes, loody hates the kill command
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    Darth Savage Opress LOA *UPDATED*

    2 year LoA
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    Redicule Staff Application

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    Mars CC.

    I used my artist skills to show a rendition of how Zero would look in star wars
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    Gamemaster tag

    Name: GameCrunch Tag: GameMaster ID: STEAM_1:1:123531036
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    Kota's Staff App

    Your clearly biased