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    Shae|Rhikam Darth Marr app

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    Skolas Dark jedi application

    +1, liked by the community, love the dude
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    Application for Satele Shan

    +1, Good Player, Good Duelist, As my padawan, I see him fit for this role based on his knowledge of the force, dueling capabilities, overall leadership. Good Luck!
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    Luna gmod app

    +1, veteran player/staff member, always been with the community
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    Heart's Voss Mystics Application

    Thanks Loody, <3 Ya
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    Metro's Jensaarai Application

    +1, Love this Man, such a positive player to the community!
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    Heart's Voss Mystics Application

    QUALIFICATIONS Steam Name - Heart Steam ID - STEAM_0:1:91755518 Ingame Name(s) and Ranks - Jedi Guardian Knight Heart Server Playtime - 6D 10 Hr Garry’s Mod Playtime - 8518Hrs Warn Count - 0 Age - 19 ROLE SELECTION Mark the role you are applying for with an X. MERCENARY [ ] Requires VIP...