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    Heart's Voss Mystics Application

    +1 good detail
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    Clappy's Gray Jedi Application

    fat +1 the detail is super good, man.
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    Gary's Force User Application

    you keep talking about these 'limits of the light side and the darkside" but don't explain once what your understanding is of those limits, like I said it vague and has no substance or explanations of your thinking.
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    Gary's Force User Application

    -1 answers for the force user section are pretty short and bare bone, like all of them are one or two sentences. I would like to see the actual reasons for your claims. if you can do that then I will consider changing my answer.
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    Koints Grey jedi App

    you can, but its main focus is rp and I'm fine with that. but its going to be 70/30 cause downtime is still a thing, and I cant constantly rp I can chill just like how the emp can chill.
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    Koints Grey jedi App

    Now that i know how the applications are going to be conducted I will make edits to it later tonight, which should please you.
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    Koints CC

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    Rocky's Vaylin App

    +1 def could roleplay as the character good
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    Rocky's Jal Shey Mentor App

    +1 i guessssssssss
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    Remvys grey app

    +1 was a good grey
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    Koints Grey jedi App

    QUALIFICATIONS Steam Name -Koint Steam ID -STEAM_0:0:202494168 Ingame Name(s) and Ranks - Koint FranXX - Lord Server Playtime - 52 hours (months of playtime on the old servers) Garry’s Mod Playtime - 4911 Hours Warn Count - 0 Age - 18 ROLE SELECTION Mark the role you are applying for with an...
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    Koints CC

    -Globaly Used Name: Koint -SteamID: STEAM_0:0:202494168 -Link to Model:
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    Eros' Staff Application

    +1 kinda wierd tho
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    Vethar's Staff App

    +1 good staff
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    Koints staff app

    Player Information Your name: Koint Your steamID: STEAM_0:0:202494168 Your current rank: N/A Amount of Warns: 0 Player's Server Information Rank you are applying for: T-mod Total time with the community (months): 34 Current level within the server: n/a Administration Availability What time...