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    Kesul's Mod App

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    -1 perms
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    Illumi's Ban Appeal #2

    -1 valkyrie must of got boring EDIT: Also this is your 2nd ALT
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    Mist's LOA

    this is what happens when you play reborn
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    Fishyy GM Application

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    Achilles Gamemaster Application

    -1 no perms and very low effort player interview
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    DP Lord Pesa's Ban Appeal.

    Neut @Dickolas Dan
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    Kringles Gamemaster App

    +1 old man
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    Myth's Senior Gamemaster Application

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    frys discord admin/mod app

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    BABY YODAs staff app

    -1 minge and just because you spent money on the server doesn't give you leverage over other people that apply
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    My GM app

    -1 + minge
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    he wrote da paragraph
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    Staff Report on Moderator Pump

    -1 lol