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    Rocky's Staff App

    +3 this nerd is unstoppable when he puts his mind to something
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    Accepted Sir Sauron's GM App

    +3 sauron is a lore boi
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    Accepted Zeus's Staff App

    -2. when you first became staff before shutdown you were doing really well but as time went on you got more and more mingey and difficult to deal with. i don't remember any scenarios in particular but i know there were several situations where i asked you to stop doing something and it continued...
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    Accepted Hope's Staff Application

    +3 reasons stated
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    Accepted Brutus' GM Application

    +3 whats up Pak been a while :) stories great and the app is well written with high quality answers i also know from experience that your a good guy and put effort into things
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    Accepted yort - Staff Application

    +(i think i can +3 but im not sure since im trial so well just go with 3 for now) this application has more effort than i put into school and more structure than my life. also dont quit this time cough why would you do that i totally didnt cough
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    Accepted Frog's Staff Application

    + (i don't even know how much I can +/- by so whatever that value is pretend it's here) Frog is a nice guy and a positive player that actually RP's
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    Pains Goodbye.

    Ofcourse old friend. You know I'm always down to OT if you need me :)
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    Pains Goodbye.

    Damn hard to remember when you havnt played since 3.0 kekw I'll add you <3
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    Pains Goodbye.

    Well i guess its about time i finally say goodbye to Reborn. This server has been apart of my life for many years and it has brought me so much joy playing with everybody, engaging in RP, Overthrows and even just fucking around but I just don't think the server is for me anymore I've stuck...
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    Weewooicus - Staff application

    +5 Reasons Stated
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    yort - moderator application

    +5 One of the few Jedi creating RP
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    Senji's Ban Appeal

    @Ronnie i wanna hear your side before I vote
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    Auditor's Staff Application

    +5 don't think I can say it any better than Ronnie did so ill just say. He is The Observer he will Observe the rule breakers and punish them!
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    Ventus' GameMaster Application

    +5 Quality application, Good guy