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    Why Dwanye's a stupid fucking bitch.

    Sounds like someone lost a hardcore search and destroy match on modern warfare to a kid with a riot shield, kali sticks, and stun nades
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    soooo ah huh

    Rainbow 6, Ark, SWBF2, BATTLEFIELD 4, MW, Rocket Leage,
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    Biggest Simp?

    A Simp Lord?!
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    Who was the best JvS player

    I don’t have a crown, but I’ll award you with the title of a clown
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    Who was the best JvS player

    Can’t forget about the killing machine
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    My thoughts on the JvS Server Closing

    I like reborn but the cringe level is 110%
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    Lightbalb Goodbye

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    Lightbalb Goodbye

    Wtf? No he’s not
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    Sukhi Goodbye

    I thought Mexican?
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    Koints MC app

    Nuertal, you haven’t really been on the jvs that much, what makes me think you’ll be just as active here?
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    Sukhi Goodbye

    Ye idfk how...
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    The Actual 100% Real First Post

    Fuck you taking about? And no
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    Zeus is gone epic gamer moment

    Bruh not me?
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    Anyone else having issues

    I’ve been on the server the last couple of days and when I load in I’m fine for about 20 minutes then I just randomly time out. It keeps happening every time a Join the server. I’m wondering if anyone knows what the problem is or if they are having the same issues. I’m able to play other online...
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    TV Show/Movie/Anime Forum

    Legend of Korra and Last Airbender