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    Who was the best JvS player

    I was best pog
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    Why is everything so dead
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    How to delete toxicity from the server

    Step 24: bruh
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    A message to Reborn Gaming

    One of the only screenshots I have of Reborn (very early 3.0) :
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    What Happened?

    To be honest 2.0 was the most fun I had on the server.
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    What Happened?

    A lot of people left mainly because they got bored. They just didn't see the server fun anymore. They accomplished what they wanted to do and left. I stopped playing reborn at about September of last year. The main driving factor was that there was nothing to do during then. I found new servers...
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    A message to Reborn Gaming

    Damn bro sad to see you go. Enjoyed watching your streams when I could. Hope things get better fam
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    Schnitzels goodbye

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    The bang

    Yo. So I've been gone for months and I remembered this server. I didn't go out with a bang. Instead I just dissapeared. So I just wanted to say that this is an amazing community. I've spent months playing on this server. I wanted to thank everyone I've met on this server for making it such an...
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    Old days Found this gem.
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    Panini's Ban Appeal

    Wait hold up. Arent you panini from garnet?
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    Gimme good music

    And basically any Gorillaz and Spose songs.
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    Gimme good music