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    Dukat's GameMaster (Trial) Application

    Accepted, Please contact me on discord or SA+ for training -Senior Gamemaster Sloth
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    Kal's Staff App

    +3 reasons stated
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    Dukat's GameMaster (Trial) Application

    ima stay netural on this for right now would like more detail in the event and I really don't know you much since I'm on LOA if updated event idea will change my vote and say you got perms from me
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    Sloth Senior Gm tag

    In-Game Name: Shadow of The Order Sloth Wonar Steam Name: Sloth Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:53894215 Tag: Senior Gamemaster
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    Weewooicus - Staff application

    +3 Reasons stated -Senior Gamemaster Sloth
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    Sloth CC time

    updated but I wanted my wampa I was the og wampa :'(
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    yort - moderator application

    +3 Yort go buzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    Sloth CC time

    Your globally used name: Sloth STEAMID32: STEAM_0:1:53894215 Model link: Model ID: models/scp049/scp049.mdl
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    Chris / Bandit's Staff Application

    Netural since I really don't know you but you do have a lot of staff experience.
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    Auditor's Staff Application

    +3 Need him to be staff so he can help me more with events -Senior Gamemaster Sloth
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    Nazgul's Gamemaster Application

    +3 Active man story seems pretty cool and not a minge -Senior Gamemaster Sloth
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    Ventus' GameMaster Application

    +3 Really Good Application overall and fairly active DM me on discord I wanna go over some things about your event with you. -Senior Gamemaster Sloth
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    Kesul's Mod App

    +3 Known Kesul for a while now chill guy really think he would do a good job + good app
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    Kubo's Mod App

    +2 <3