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    yort - Staff Application

    +2 shit better get accepted
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    Draken's Application

    +2 Good application and interesting event idea
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    yort - moderator application

    +2 Founder and CEO of Yort Gaming.
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    Nazgul's Gamemaster Application

    +2 Extremely active, good guy.
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    Auditor's Staff Application

    +2 Seems like a good guy with amazing experience on many well-known servers.
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    Ventus' GameMaster Application

    +2 good guy
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    Illumi's Ban Appeal #2

    -2 2nd alt account
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    -2 You need more time before applying for staff.
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    fry name change

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    Myth's Senior Gamemaster Application

    +2 Reasons stated by many. I trust Myth can help the current GM team and host fun and exciting events.
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    Toast's Game master APP

    +2 Good event idea and great support from people I trust.
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    My GM app

    Neutral what sigma and vethar said
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    BABY YODAs staff app

    -2 I've never seen baby yoda act in a professional manner in any situations. Just a major minge
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    Arsene's Mod Application

    +2 Good guy
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    Hope/Envy's Staff App

    +2 Changed man