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    Illumi's Ban Appeal #2

    Maybe apologize for what u done for start
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    Illumi's Ban Appeal #2

    -1 your last appeal just got denied today give it some time
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    Formatting please also u say you havw tons of staffing experience but u dont elaberate on it im going to -1 until formating is fixed and you explain more of your staffing experiences
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    Fishyy GM Application

    This app seems FISHY but ill give u my +1 your an active player and even seems like fun
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    DP Lord Pesa's Ban Appeal.

    Does seem a little long 1 day wouldve been fine but ill remain neutral until i hear from dickolas
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    Kringles Gamemaster App

    -1 i hate blue Jk +1 good event and a good dude
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    Vickolas Van's Staff Application

    +1 great player (just do t dev me on tat hurts my feelings) welcome back vic
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    Redicule Staff Application

    Neutral app needs work. I havent plaged with u in a year you did have quite a temler i would like to play with u and see how things have changed
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    Who was the best JvS player

    Mythos = best trooper
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    Who was the best JvS player

    Haha what ever u say loody :p
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    Who was the best JvS player

    Mythos u nerd :p
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    Who was the best JvS player

    Nah we all know who was the most active and sought after trooper
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    Goodbye I guess.

    Arata not have u leave <3
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    How Premium Was Banned From Reborn (Video)

    This is some PREMIUM content right here
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    legion 3rd ban