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  1. Luna


    what now?
  2. Luna

    Overthrow videos

    send all OT vid I think there really cool to watch
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  4. Luna

    Mod Tag

    Mod Tag THX
  5. Luna

    Fav Songs

    kinda curious mine right now is Explore This by Alaninite he's a small artist but it's a good song
  6. Luna


    anyone tryna join my clash of clans clan hmu
  7. Luna

    Time of year again

    aight I need songs gimme gimme
  8. Luna

    The Rise Of Skywalker was shit

    Yeah it was pretty bad only good part was the acting and kylo ren
  9. Luna


    In-Game Name: Luna Steam Name: Luna Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:197195353 Tag: D-VIP
  10. Luna


    happy halloween or some shit btw america lucky af pop tarts are fucking good wtf
  11. Luna

    Let's start a conversation

    Hi I want points
  12. Luna


    my gmod keeps crashing and I have tried everything please help me
  13. Luna

    Luna's CC Rework since cc rn is broke

    Current in game name: Darth Luna Rome Faction: Sith Did you pay for this?: Well the CC is broke I can't spawn on korriban Which job are you wanting to rework?: Job Name: Luna Name Color: Idk Link to Model: in game Old Model Link...
  14. Luna


    Alright boys it's that time of the year, and I am out of music and I need good shit gimme you're best music
  15. Luna


    Ehhh I have been thinking about this for a long time, Gmod is just not fun anymore, I think am just gonna take a break from the community but i'll still be in ts, this community has been one of the best community's I have been in on gmod from meeting new people to ranking up to darth and dc, to...
  16. Luna

    Luna's ROA cuz gmod

    so idk why but my gmod is randomly crashing and idk how to fix it so am gonna try get on the server but I cant if my gmod is dying every time I tp to someone then I can't and ik this is pretty late EDIT: also my drivers are fucked so for some reason I randomly get d3d errors so I can't play...
  17. Luna

    Luna LOA

    So am gonna be taking a week LOA since am pretty busy and the server is in a really weird place, and I wanna try do other stuff
  18. Luna

    Liam's LOA (He Can't Post It So Am Posting It)

    Liam is ill and can't post a loa since he is in bed sick so am posting this for him idk when he back tho
  19. Luna

    Luna LOA

    I keep timing out I tried connecting with the ip and everything gonna try removing all my addons are redownloading wish me luck
  20. Luna

    Since everyone else is doing it