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  1. GameCrunch

    remove gamemaster tags/vip request

    i resigned like a week ago. also im normal/base VIP steamid: STEAM_1:1:123531036
  2. GameCrunch

    Game Night!

    ios < android
  3. GameCrunch

    Nazgul's Gamemaster Application

    wtf is VRChat RP
  4. GameCrunch

    Kubo's Mod App

    oh fuck you were an admin on ice darkRP #3 I use to play that server a fuck-ton
  5. GameCrunch

    Mist's LOA

    The newer graphics cards (20xx or above) require two separate power connectors or they will catch on fire. If he had a cheap PSU that could also be why. NZXT also had that thing with riser cables being a flame hazard
  6. GameCrunch

    Kringles Gamemaster App

    Neutral, Same reasoning as Mojang. That events only like 3 sentences long +1 took advice and improved event
  7. GameCrunch

    Scary's 4th CC

    how/why do you have 4 cc's
  8. GameCrunch

    Toast's Game master APP

    +2 event good brain hurt
  9. GameCrunch

    better cc

    very uncalled for to call anzati the r word Eros
  10. GameCrunch

    Treason's Staff Application

    Say yes, loody hates the kill command
  11. GameCrunch

    Darth Savage Opress LOA *UPDATED*

    2 year LoA
  12. GameCrunch

    Redicule Staff Application

  13. GameCrunch

    Mars CC.

    I used my artist skills to show a rendition of how Zero would look in star wars
  14. GameCrunch

    Gamemaster tag

    Name: GameCrunch Tag: GameMaster ID: STEAM_1:1:123531036
  15. GameCrunch

    Kota's Staff App

    Your clearly biased
  16. GameCrunch

    Kota's Staff App

    tbh any server that has the name "Void" in it sounds like its destined to fail within a week
  17. GameCrunch

    snipers name change

    You should change it to "Xx_Sniper_Slayer_xX" instead to sound like you are 8
  18. GameCrunch

    Ben's App

    What a kind person
  19. GameCrunch

    Nihilus's Staff app

    -1 No clue who you are and the app is pretty short. Even shorter than Spectre's though so I think you have the WR rn.
  20. GameCrunch

    Who was the best JvS player