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  1. Highlord Miles

    Time to Clean Up

    Hey Everyone. I honestly wish I could make announcements under better circumstances, but here we go. There is not a mystery that the community has hit a rough spot the last 2 months. I understand, a lot has happened. But the blame isn't on one person. It's a collective issue that needs to be...
  2. Highlord Miles

    Another Forum Book

    It is the ninth year of summer[N 1] Seven-year-old Bran Stark is traveling with a party of twenty men, including his father Lord Eddard Stark, to see the king's justice done. This is the first time that he is allowed to join. Bran's older brother Robb thinks the man to be executed must be a...
  3. Highlord Miles

    You're Going to Want to Read This

    The last couple of weeks have been a shit show. And I've tried and tried and tried to keep it together. But I'm done and I can't do it anymore. It's time I fully lay everything out. I just want to start off by saying right at the start, I hold no ill will towards Shepard or Caitlyn. The...
  4. Highlord Miles

    I'm Exhausted

    I'm stepping away from the community for a little bit. I'll be back soon.
  5. Highlord Miles

    I need your help

    Hey boys and girls. I need your help. I need people to send me their screenshots or pictures of their funniest or memorable moments on the server. They can be yours or someone elses. Or even a meme of Reborn, I'll take it. You can send them to me through Discord or even Steam.
  6. Highlord Miles

    Time to Part Ways

    The Executive Team has decided that some changes needed to be made and in order to make the correct steps in the right direction, we have relieved Moxxi of his Founder Role from Reborn-Gaming. This might come as a shock to many of you, but it's a discussion that has been occurring for the last...
  7. Highlord Miles

    Welcome to the New Website

    Hey everyone! We finally have been able to move over to the new website which was created by Idris who works over at wiltOS Technologies. Hope everyone enjoys the new site and please let us know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions for what we can add. You'll notice that you can link...
  8. Highlord Miles

    old jvs rules

    JUST HERE FOR ARCHIVE PURPOSES. A NEW RULES THREAD HAS BEEN MADE [x] Trading items for money IRL is a complete permanent ban for both parties. [-] However, trading items for items on our store is...