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  1. Primster

    Primis CC (Rework / Add back)

    Current name: Darth Primi Faction: Sith Which job are you wanting to rework?: I believe its called Primi Job Name: Primis Color: (74, 42, 92, 255) Model: Old Model: eh the moxxi one Model ID...
  2. Primster

    Primis Staff Application

    Player Information Your name: Primi Your steamID: STEAM_0:0:82838859 Your current rank: G-VIP Amount of Warns: 0 Player's Server Information Rank you are applying for: T-Mod Total time with the community (months): Like 4-5 Months Current level within the server: 180 Administration...
  3. Primster

    Primi CC Rework

    Current name: (Current Ingame name with Rank of life) Emperors Hand Primi Faction: (Which faction you want, NO GREY JEDI UNLESS YOU GET ACCEPTED)(ALSO MAKE SURE YOU LIST IF YOU ARE A TROOPER OR A FORCE USER) Sith (Force User) Steam Name: (Steam Name currently Using: Primi Which job are you...