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  1. Mithril Dragon

    Weewooicus - Staff application

    +3 Took like 2hours to beat me
  2. Mithril Dragon

    Kesul's Mod App

  3. Mithril Dragon

    Ronnie's Staff Application

    +1 Reasons stated.
  4. Mithril Dragon


  5. Mithril Dragon

    Mojang's Gamemaster Application

    +1 Reasons stated
  6. Mithril Dragon

    Staff App Speedrun any% Glitchless. Run submitted by Caitlyn (PB)

    Seems you both have some problems with each other perhaps you should bring it into private DMs and keep the App professional.
  7. Mithril Dragon

    Redicule Staff Application

    -2 Reasons stated
  8. Mithril Dragon

    Treason's Staff Application

    -2 We don't really need any more staff. Also, you shouldn't skip ranks like this.
  9. Mithril Dragon

    Echo's Staff Application

    Neutral I don't remember you at all sorry!
  10. Mithril Dragon

    Pump Staff App

    Neutral Could do good but idk so just going to stay Neutral
  11. Mithril Dragon

    Roman's Staff Application

    +1 reasons stated
  12. Mithril Dragon

    atreus staff application

    -2 Copy an paste from jumps staff app
  13. Mithril Dragon

    Nihilus's Staff app

    -2 Reasons stated
  14. Mithril Dragon

    Staff App Speedrun any% Glitchless. Run submitted by Spectre

    -2 Can't let you get the WR
  15. Mithril Dragon

    Zeus’s Staff app

    -2 I just don't see you being a good staff sorry.
  16. Mithril Dragon

    Ben's App

    +1 forever mod
  17. Mithril Dragon

    Theseus Staff App

    +1 But should be watched i think he has gotten better tho so should be good.