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  1. Dxon

    Jesus lord and savior has left the chat

    Hey guys, its your favorite toxic gamer here uh... Im not going to be able to play much at all this summer, and the times I can play I want to hang out with friends.... Sorry to those I may have had pork with, its not me its you <3 I guess i'll do a list because thats cool now I think Iroc -...
  2. Dxon

    Dxon's Inactivity and LOA.

    Hey, So basically I have had hockey non-stop te past week 2 weeks of finals And schools almost over, but I have to go camping with family for god knows what reason. Sorry for not being on and not making this sooner, I also injured my knee so thats great Ill update and exact date my mom...
  3. Dxon

    Dxon GM tag

    In-Game Name: AW ES Champion Zorg Steam Name: Dxon-is-here Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:115338680 Tag: Gamemaster
  4. Dxon

    Socaru's Custom CC

    Current in game name: ESG HB W2 L Socaru A/ Shadow Guard E Chronos Faction: Sith Did you pay for this?: Yes Job Name: Reaper's Pride Name Color: (253, 255, 167, 255) Link to Model: Model ID...
  5. Dxon

    Dxon's taggie

    In-Game Name: AINQ Lord 1 Socaru Steam Name: Dxon-is-here Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:115338680 Tag: Golden Vip
  6. Dxon

    Dxon's GM App

    Game Master Application Steam name: Dxon-is-here Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:115338680 Ingame name(s): AINQ Lord 1 Socaru HOBS BI Apprentice Socaru *got pked ;(*, IT PVT Scorn Current play time: I started playing around a month ago. EST 130 hours played ( Past 2 weeks) Time in Garry’s Mod: 1,827...