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  1. zachzach1222

    Illumi's Ban Appeal #2

    Maybe apologize for what u done for start
  2. zachzach1222

    Illumi's Ban Appeal #2

    -1 your last appeal just got denied today give it some time
  3. zachzach1222


    Formatting please also u say you havw tons of staffing experience but u dont elaberate on it im going to -1 until formating is fixed and you explain more of your staffing experiences
  4. zachzach1222

    Fishyy GM Application

    This app seems FISHY but ill give u my +1 your an active player and even seems like fun
  5. zachzach1222

    DP Lord Pesa's Ban Appeal.

    Does seem a little long 1 day wouldve been fine but ill remain neutral until i hear from dickolas
  6. zachzach1222

    Kringles Gamemaster App

    -1 i hate blue Jk +1 good event and a good dude
  7. zachzach1222

    Vickolas Van's Staff Application

    +1 great player (just do t dev me on tat hurts my feelings) welcome back vic
  8. zachzach1222

    Redicule Staff Application

    Neutral app needs work. I havent plaged with u in a year you did have quite a temler i would like to play with u and see how things have changed
  9. zachzach1222

    Who was the best JvS player

    Mythos = best trooper
  10. zachzach1222

    Who was the best JvS player

    Haha what ever u say loody :p
  11. zachzach1222

    Who was the best JvS player

    Mythos u nerd :p
  12. zachzach1222

    Who was the best JvS player

    Nah we all know who was the most active and sought after trooper
  13. zachzach1222

    Goodbye I guess.

    Arata not have u leave <3
  14. zachzach1222

    How Premium Was Banned From Reborn (Video)

    This is some PREMIUM content right here
  15. zachzach1222

    legion 3rd ban

  16. zachzach1222


    Potato bread
  17. zachzach1222

    legion 3rd ban

    Legion if u have proof post it especially if he is threatening u for a perma
  18. zachzach1222

    legion 3rd ban

    Legion have i ever come accross as hating u ? Ive alwaysblooked at things with an unbiased opinion if what u have proves eros broke the rules ill support it but until there is an actual report nothing can happen
  19. zachzach1222

    legion 3rd ban

    Ghats why u post it in REPORT STAFF MEMEBER so the community can voye on it
  20. zachzach1222

    legion 3rd ban

    Then make a report with proof