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  1. Lightbalb

    RIP Reborn Gaming

    It was nice being in the reborn community. Sorry that it had to Shutdown. F.
  2. Lightbalb

    Lightbalb Goodbye

    well never saw u b4 ¯\(ツ)/¯
  3. Lightbalb

    Lightbalb Goodbye

    nah been here since 3.0
  4. Lightbalb

    Lightbalb Goodbye

    sure I can. I'm waiting for my igniter. I just wanted Whiskey to not close my ticket on my igniter.
  5. Lightbalb

    Lightbalb Goodbye

    Yeah I'm late but ok. I love these people: Rightpop Zeus GameCrunch <3 Sukhi Venom Coat Pain ****Boomer Yeah pretty much it. I don't think I forgot anyone but bye. coming back in 5 years.
  6. Lightbalb

    Zeus is gone epic gamer moment

    Because it's honestly really ugly. I want it out of the game so if I ever got one and it was the only one, it would be gone FOREVER.
  7. Lightbalb

    Lightbalb1 - Lightbalb

    I wouldn't if I hadn't lost me email.
  8. Lightbalb

    Ray's Custom Igniter

  9. Lightbalb

    Lightbalb1 - Lightbalb

    Current Forum Name: Lightbalb1 New Forum Name: Lightbalb Reason for change: Because I want a name change. I hate having the 1 in my name.
  10. Lightbalb

    Zeus is gone epic gamer moment

    @Zeus you should totally give me your twitch. I'd probably rework it.
  11. Lightbalb

    Zeus is gone epic gamer moment

    @Zeus ily but like... don't leave
  12. Lightbalb

    Flint VIP tag request

    -1 jk
  13. Lightbalb

    Sukhis Ban Appeal

    +1 But next time listen to me you nub and when I tell you that you can get banned for saying the N-word then listen to me.
  14. Lightbalb

    Buff Money bags

    +1 I lost 20m yesterday and I need like 50m per large money bags
  15. Lightbalb

    TV Show/Movie/Anime Forum

    who watches anime? Why not watch sports instead.
  16. Lightbalb


    who r u
  17. Lightbalb

    Cyberpunk 2077

    What? I don't follow the gaming news. What's going on?
  18. Lightbalb

    Zeus is gone epic gamer moment

    @Zeus you asshole you forgot me.... I was your buddy D:
  19. Lightbalb

    Lightbalb's Custom Igniter

    Yeah I had a good one too... I scrambled to find a new one and couldn't settle on one I actually liked so I just did a sith and cal's igniter
  20. Lightbalb

    Lightbalb's Custom Igniter

    yeah but whiskey said no Godzilla sounds :c