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  1. Frostburn

    Shae|Rhikam Darth Marr app

    Neutral: I can see Rhikam being a great Marr, but this app needs work.
  2. Frostburn

    Gary's Administrative Application

    -1 what Cruen said
  3. Frostburn

    Reaver's CC

    Your globally used name: Reaver Zorn STEAMID32: STEAM_0:1:151155862 Model link: Model ID: models/player/swtor/arsenic/shilen2/shilenrevamped.mdl
  4. Frostburn

    Who was the best JvS player

    such cap
  5. Frostburn

    Caitlyns Goodbye

    I totally called it that this would be your exact response to my post. I'm a real life Jedi rn.
  6. Frostburn

    Caitlyns Goodbye

    No, it’s because it’s a Caitlyn post, and if we say our minds, we’ll be banned. I’d love to give my opinion, but I’d also love to stay on the forums.
  7. Frostburn

    Caitlyns Goodbye

    Never forgetti when you went off on Mira, adios gorl
  8. Frostburn

    Auto's Name Change

    Just set the mans name smh
  9. Frostburn

    Genuine suggestion, please do read

    Clown of the month
  10. Frostburn


    Blueprints got nerfed into the ground doe...
  11. Frostburn

    its time

  12. Frostburn

    its time

    Never forget
  13. Frostburn

    Mouses trooper unblacklist appeal

    Basically what I see from this is you saying on your OP “I don’t hack”, but in this post, admitting to using lua scripts in the past...
  14. Frostburn

    custom common 1 (shepard approved)

    explain how you did this
  15. Frostburn

    Oil's Goodbye

    Grab my Jackal
  16. Frostburn


    Unban him NOW!1!1!
  17. Frostburn

    Oil's Goodbye

    I fuckin called you being a law player...
  18. Frostburn

    Oil's Goodbye

    Who you main?
  19. Frostburn

    Mouses trooper unblacklist appeal

    Honesty for hacking, I’m surprised you are allowed to play the server at all. You are lucky you weren’t perma’d with no appeal.
  20. Frostburn

    Oil's Goodbye

    Idk bruh you ain’t that good at For Honor 🤡