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  1. MojangZ

    Mojang's CC Rework

    Your globally used name: Mojang STEAMID32: STEAM_0:0:95304957 Old Model Link: Old Model ID: models/valk/mgsv/msf/sneakingsuit/sneakingsuit_male.mdl Model link: Model...
  2. MojangZ

    Mist's LOA

    Exploded. Lmao how? I have never witnessed an explosion from a pc. Either you spilled something on it or them pre-builts are not the move.
  3. MojangZ


    -2 I'm speechless. This is probably one of the worst amounts of effort put into a staff app. Not to mention the incorrect spacing but your lvl is really low and You only have 2 days on the server. Please just redo the app
  4. MojangZ

    Mojang's TS Tag

    Teamspeak Name: Mojang Ganar Teamspeak Tag Name: Monke Gang Tag Icon: (Must be 16x16p) Has it been paid for?: Yes
  5. MojangZ

    Achilles Gamemaster Application

    -2. No perms, player interview extremely short, nd your event planning is short. Please put more effort next time.
  6. MojangZ


  7. MojangZ

    Fishyy GM Application

    I was an EA on Icefuse MRP. I can say it was pretty bad. Lot of back stabbing and favoritism.
  8. MojangZ

    Fishyy GM Application

    +2 Great event, extremely active, and a person who genuinely cares about the state of the server. Would do well within the gamemaster team.
  9. MojangZ

    Myth's Senior Gamemaster Application

    Well I wouldn't mind you as a normal gm because if we ain't gonna be seeing each other often then I'm not sure why I would want you as a sr gm. On top of that wdym "best gm ever". Don't get ahead of yourself buddy.
  10. MojangZ

    Gaelic LOA

    Has been noted
  11. MojangZ

    Myth's Senior Gamemaster Application

    Neutral Don't you already have the gm rank in game? Don't know what's that's about but I haven't seen you too much in game and I wasn't as GM when you lead it so I don't know your leading capabilities. I'll read over the other votes and see what they think of you. Edit: When I said I havnt...
  12. MojangZ

    BABY YODAs staff app

    Seems a bit personal and the part "like you" should not be used against him because "like" isn't exact and is impractical.
  13. MojangZ

    Nabby's GameMaster App

    +1 Your event is a little confusing, but I think you could pull it off. Decent application.
  14. MojangZ

    Kringles Gamemaster App

    +1 Took my criticism and acted greatly upon it. Made a decent event from before. Good luck
  15. MojangZ

    Toast's Game master APP

    +2 Your event sounds awesome. Can tell you put work into your app
  16. MojangZ

    BABY YODAs staff app

    -1 Reasons stated by my quotes above.
  17. MojangZ

    My GM app

    Neutral Edit: Event seems a lot more smooth, but personally I don't like the concept. That is just my own opinion so I won't -1 you for that. I have lowered it one because of your event. It is a tad bit better but it's really confusing and just seems down right hard to host. Let me give you...
  18. MojangZ

    Arsene's Mod Application

    Neutral. Not a clue on who you are.
  19. MojangZ

    Rowe's Staff Application

    +1. Good lad who will do great things.
  20. MojangZ

    Jason's Mod Application

    I'm sorry who are you? Neutral Please make yourself more known to the rest of the server.