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    My thoughts on the Server...

    I want to list some of my grievances about the current state of the server and some ways I think it can improve. So I'll start with some of the things I think the server is doing wrong and improve and other criticisms Problems 1. One of the biggest issues of the server is that it is incredibly...
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    Myth's Senior Gamemaster Application

    +2 has a lot of experience as game master and knows the responsibility of the position.
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    Arc's Gamemaster App

    +1 we need more GMs
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    Tyr's staff app

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    Who should be Emperor and GM

    In my personal opinion I think that Nabe/Shepard should chose the starting faction leaders and allow them a small 4 person council of active players to start as well as instant apprentice/padawan to all players who previously played the server to not clog up the system
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    Ace Dovaro's (Aceverosi's) Grey Jedi Application

    This mans app still open
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    GameCrunch GameMaster app

    +1 hurts me to +1 it but we need the GMs and he has experience
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    Sloth's Gamemaster Application

    +1 probably the best GM app out there other than mine
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    Gaelics GM Application (Oh god)

    +1 just dont disappear on us when you get DC/JC man
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    Firehawk's Staff Application

    +1 Fuck yeah!
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    Koints staff app

    +1 idk why im +1ing it but why not more staff the better
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    Sniper's Staff Application

    +1 we need staff from around the world to make sure this server runs 24/7
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    Loody's App

    +1 YES!
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    Eros' Staff Application

    +1 hes got the experience but dont let this man write the rules I swear
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    Sigma Bor's Staff Application

    +1 thats alot of experience
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    ZoZo Morningstar's Staff Application

    +1 mans got the experience being Super Admin at one point
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    Dragon's Staff App

    +1 Very old reborn players but that may what we need to get this server great again
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    Vethar's Staff App

    +1 very well laid out staff app with clear and concise knowledge of rules and how to act
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    Arata's Staff App

    +1 hes got more experience than half these guys