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  1. Undelusional


    Before that you were warned and stayed and complained. Then proceeded to randomly attack people after you were taken into a sit. You did this all out of rage. Just take the one day ban and leave it. Done arguing on the forums if you want to speak more im on TS or you can contact me in discord.
  2. Undelusional


    If you want to report a staff or appeal your ban go to one of the links. And you broke RP by not surrendering claiming you had to go then stayed for another 10 minutes still complaining. You were just making up an excuse so you didn't have to be captured and what not...
  3. Undelusional

    Papi's Staff App

  4. Undelusional

    cait's staff application

    You are able to voice your opinions as you please as long as its not toxic.
  5. Undelusional

    cait's staff application

    +2 Caitlyn knows the rules and is literally always enforcing them. Whenever someone does something wrong she literally points them out for it. She is ready for staff and I believe she can enforce the rules just like any other staff member.
  6. Undelusional

    Steely's Resignation

    Aww man sucks to see you go Steely. I have had many great memories with you.
  7. Undelusional

    ZoZo's Gray Application

    Pretty sure this guy stinks but ill still support him +1
  8. Undelusional

    Luft's Gamemaster app.

    -2 Doesn't listen very well so I doubt he'll be able to cooperate with other gm's during events, minges a lot, just isn't fit for the role.
  9. Undelusional

    Report on Shepard

    -1 Eh don't see any rule breaking here, just some fire bending.
  10. Undelusional

    Liam's Gamemaster Application

    +2 Liam is very dedicated and always tries to come up with new event ideas to bring to the server. He spends his time building and literally shows me all of it and it is honestly really good. Liam is an overall great GM and I would love to see someone like him become a GM again.
  11. Undelusional

    Artifact thread !

    It's Miles Artifact. So a founders artifact I guess? idk
  12. Undelusional

    Artifact thread !

    Highlords Retribution
  13. Undelusional

    Ruby's Staff Application

    +2 Reason's stated.
  14. Undelusional

    Shade’s staff app

    -2 You are a pretty chill dude but the amount of issues you have caused on the server is just absolutely insane. I would honestly say wait a bit more longer before posting an application to show the community you have turned a new leaf if you know where I am getting at. Also there is little to...
  15. Undelusional

    ROMAN's Gamemaster Application

    +2 As Arata stated above Roman is good at RP from what I have seen, he is active, mature, I would say he should definitely get the chance to join the Gamemaster team.
  16. Undelusional

    Partition to end cause’s alcohol addiction

    Gonna have to denie this. I need him to be drunk so I can get him to gamble his knife away.
  17. Undelusional

    Rdes Ban Appeal

    -1 Reason's already stated. You have been perma banned so many times and it's honestly getting annoying at this point. You say you will "change" yet you end up doing it again. Sorry bud.
  18. Undelusional

    Rocky's Staff App 2

    +1 Pretty good staff back then, just take more sits then you did before yeah? Do god's work.
  19. Undelusional

    ScaryLions Opinion

    Honestly Scary I really do agree with a lot of the points you have made. Thing's really do need to change and I hope you're the one to really start enforcing that change. You have been given a high rank within this community and you could really do something with it. I hope you make the right...