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  1. Tupac

    Tupac's CC Rework.

    Current in game name: Gray Prime Tupac Faction: Gray Jedi Did you pay for this?: Yes Which job are you wanting to rework?: /Tupac Job Name: Tupac Name Color: (RGB code) 0/255/0 Link to Model: Old Model Link...
  2. Tupac

    Tupac's Staff App.

    Please make sure you have read before applying to become staff. Please copy the entire form below and make a new thread in this section with all of the fields correctly filled out. Failure to correctly fill out this form...
  3. Tupac

    Tupac's Gray App.

    Post all Gray Jedi Applications at this section of the forum. Note: Must be at least level 185 with 3 or less warns (any over 2 months old do not apply) and a CC to apply. If warns go over 20 in total, regardless of age, you will...
  4. Tupac

    Tupac's Appeal

    Any ban appeal that is created not using this template will be ignored until is changed to the correct format. Steam Name and In-Game Name: Tupac ;)/Apprentice Tupac Blood SteamID: STEAM_0:1:10401190 Server: (Jedi vs Sith or Skyrim) JvS and TS Banning Staff: Shepard Reason for Ban: Cya Dawg Ban...
  5. Tupac

    Im out for awhile.

    Time for me to step away again. Just came back but, due to IRL issues and some other issues ima be stepping away from the community. Just came up a day or two ago. Anyways, Take it easy. Zozo worst emp ever ;). Love yall except one
  6. Tupac

    Tupac's Staff App.

    Staff Application Player Information Your name: Dark Council Tupac Blood. Your steamID: STEAM_0:1:10401190 Your current rank: Gold VIP Amount of Warns: 1 Player's Server Information Rank you are applying for: Trial Mod Total time with the community (months): 13 Months Current level within the...
  7. Tupac

    Its been real

    Its been a gnarly time bai.
  8. Tupac

    Tupacs free CC Rework (1st)

    Current name: Emperor's Wrath Tupac Blood Faction: Sith Which job are you wanting to rework?: Tupac Job Name: Tupac Color: 0,255,0 Model: Already in the server (I have permission to use the model) Old Model...