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  1. Poseidon

    Shade Tano ban appeal

    this appeal reeks of straight up apathy frostburn said the rest -1
  2. Poseidon

    Equin's Staff Application

    +1 Equin is not only a generally positive member of the community, but one who is very easily able to keep a calm and objective mindset; something key to being support staff. Really never hurts to have more good & active staff.
  3. Poseidon

    Vader's Ban Appeal

    +1 this whole thing is a shitshow that could've easily been avoided
  4. Poseidon

    DemonNero97- Ban Appeal

    a week is not a long time
  5. Poseidon

    DemonNero97- Ban Appeal

    how many ban appeals did tyr make
  6. Poseidon

    DemonNero97- Ban Appeal

    -1 I'm not gonna lie dude, almost every interaction I've had with you has almost always involved you making a fuss about something, even minuscule stuff, like me referring to you as dog, even though it's pretty common knowledge that it's just a slang term to refer to someone as. Normally, I...
  7. Poseidon

    Xaavier's Grey App

    +1 Firstly, it's uncommon that I find a solid character story that also has real plausible motivations that are actually realized in game. Not to mention as well, Xaavier is a cool dude that I think would fit the role well.
  8. Poseidon

    Nerf Aggression or bump up requirements

    No offense, but with the way you type, I genuinely have a hard time understanding the point you're trying to get across. Are you saying that because the form has fast attacks & because you have to put points into Agility, which results in a speed buff, you can catch your opponent no matter what?
  9. Poseidon

    Pyro's Citizen Event Character Application

    +1 Would help add to the economy, also gives Pyro a cool story-based way of being a plant harvester; like why not lol
  10. Poseidon

    Accepted Shae's Mod Application

    +1 In my time on the server, Rhikam has been nothing but an amazing friend to me, a great leader, an excellent RP'er, and someone who can keep a level and objective head in stressful situations. I genuinely can't think of a reason why you wouldn't want him on the staff team
  11. Poseidon

    Shae's Senya Tirall Application

  12. Poseidon

    Night's Vaylins Application

  13. Poseidon

    Accepted Venoms Staff Application

    +1 reasons stated
  14. Poseidon

    Cruen's Admin Application

    Cruen has shown he is not only capable of being a fair and just staff member, but one proficient in critical thinking skills, eloquence, and has just generally displayed that he has a solid head on his shoulders with a will to make this community better. Not much else I need to say to be honest. +1
  15. Poseidon

    Shae|Rhikam Darth Marr app

    +1 cus rhikam's a g and ik he would do well in an RP role like this but u should flesh out ur answers
  16. Poseidon

    Platinum's GM Application

  17. Poseidon

    Satanics single suggestion

    ronnie has said that they have a new tython in dev for when the new map comes out that is much more optimized
  18. Poseidon

    Zagan's Sorcerers of Tund app

    +1 reasons stated
  19. Poseidon

    Night's Staff Application

    +1 never hurts to have experienced staff brought aboard
  20. Poseidon

    [HoloNews] Power Struggle Among Sith Nobility?

    this is cool & i cant believe I didn't really check it out when u posted it u should keep doing stuff like this; maybe if in game events happen in Jedi or Sith u should report on them in the same style too; could be a neat little thing : )