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  1. Geico

    citizen application

    This is a perfect citizen application. I'm not sure why you're hating.
  2. Geico

    citizen application

    +∞ So good, (Wasn't paid 5 morbillion USD)
  3. Geico

    Kooms Grey App?

    +2 Really good app and an even better person tbh.
  4. Geico

    Sauron Report

    Where he came into the INQ bunks it wasn't even regarding a raid. It was about us giving Darths permission to call missions. He had no reason to interject himself into it.
  5. Geico

    Sauron Report

    Your In-Game Name and Steam ID: Darth Vader, the Invictus | STEAM_0:1:62707320 Reporting Staff IG Name and Steam ID: Sauron | STEAM_0:1:121003759 Reason: Sauron since he's been a regular Gamemaster, will regularly act as staff, noclip in and interrupt RP situations, boss people around as...
  6. Geico

    Vader's tags

    In-Game Name: Emperor Vader Steam Name: wadbot Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:62707320 Tag: Premium
  7. Geico

    Accepted Bens Darth Malgus app (coolest sith ever)

    +2 Bro has the voice for it and is VERY dedicated to this. I've never seen passive put work into ANYTHING besides this application. Not only did he go all out for it but he even got other people to proofread it. I feel like Passive would fit the character very well and having Malgus work beside...
  8. Geico

    Denied Starkiller Application by Gary

    -1 I don't see you fitting the role well and on top of that you have a very bad reputation on the server. As of now you're currently banned from the server.
  9. Geico

    Klarks Anakin Skywalker Application

    NEUTRAL I was told I had Anakin reserved for me, however, I have openly said I don't have an issue with an actual Jedi main getting it, however, we will have both Anakin and Vader around. It could make for some cool RP but could also complicate things. Really well-made application though. Good luck!
  10. Geico

    Kody's GameMaster Application

    NEUTRAL I like you Kody and I know you're VERY passionate about the server, however, this is WAY too expansive. You are a very creative person however, something like this wouldn't fit the server IMO. I didn't comprehend a lot of the details to be honest, as it was SO much. But the main point is...
  11. Geico

    CC Wipe 13/4/2022 - 20/4/2022

    SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:62707320 Modelid: models/nanb_darth_vader.mdl Workshop Link: (however you didn't use this I sent you the files because I downscaled)
  12. Geico

    Dazen Ban Appeal

    +1 Definitely just a misunderstanding as Anzati didn't hear the whole story before acting. It should've been brought to a sit and definitely not insta-banned.
  13. Geico

    Vader's Ban Appeal

    The PK situation was handled completely in game.
  14. Geico

    Vader's Ban Appeal

    "I didn't have the full facts" You were literally present the entire time. You were no-clipped watching the ENTIRE thing.
  15. Geico

    Vader's Ban Appeal

    If this is the case, then why was Rocky there immediately asking me for my items. On top of that why immediately after me DCing did you give items to Rockie?
  16. Geico

    Vader's Ban Appeal

    Also Frog, you keep attempting to say that I left before knowing I didn't have to drop my items, however, it's YOUR job to know the rules you're enforcing. Not mine.
  17. Geico

    Vader's Ban Appeal

    Exactly what I've been saying to Phylo in DMs but he doesn't agree
  18. Geico

    Vader's Ban Appeal

    I said have fun having staff spawn it in, also if I get a PK on me overturned, why would he not look for EVERY excuse to PK me from there on? The bias will be set. Given the situation, I did what I HAD to. The fact that you don't realize this is honestly scary man.
  19. Geico

    Vader's Ban Appeal

    What? Arc literally said "We can either have two dead or one dead, and I don't mean pressing spacebar to come back to life." That is literally FORCING me into PKing him otherwise I'm getting PKed. On top of that you were PRESENT listening to all of it, and you didn't do a SINGLE thing. So don't...