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  1. OG Jar Jar

    Darth Jar Jar

    Your globally used name: Old Jar Jar, Jaeger Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:127882406 Model: Darth Jar Jar Note: Forgot to also type in darth jar jar in the CC wipe thread XD
  2. OG Jar Jar

    CC Wipe 13/4/2022 - 20/4/2022

    SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:127882406 Modelid: models/jessev92/player/military/cod4_sniper.mdl Workshop Link:
  3. OG Jar Jar

    Ward's GameMaster Application

    +1 Really like the application, but did not read the event part due to well spoilers XD. Hopefully i will get the chance to experience it, if i am on at the time. He might be new to the community but everyone gotta get a chance in my book.
  4. OG Jar Jar

    Paddy's Ban Appeal

    Did you not already get one ban appeal denied for something else yesterday? Also is this an alt forums account your other is BABY YODA? edit: Just forgot to change the name.
  5. OG Jar Jar

    Loody's Unban Appeal

    +1 sounds like the same situation as baby yoda. No warnings straight ban. Since i was not there i can only go out from the story. Changing name frequently cannot be an issue when it is an implemented feature. Plus it has just released. Minging should have just been a warn if it was to much...
  6. OG Jar Jar

    Remvys ban appeal

    +1 Can only agree to the statements above^. Should have been handled in RP and in the worst case a proper warn before a ban.... Is there no punishment/handling guide for the staff or?
  7. OG Jar Jar

    Jesus' staff app.

    Before edit: -1 not good enough and lack of effort. Also "Im Jesus" does not make you more qualified. __ After edit: -1 application has become a lot better but. After seeing your response to Loody's ban appeal, I just do not find that you are the right pick for staff. Also much more work could...
  8. OG Jar Jar

    Mecrea/MackTheAmogus's GM Application

    +1 But gotta say there are some parts of the application that really has me on edge, to the point where I would straight up have given a -1. But reading the whole application i would not mind letting him atleast try to do events here so good luck :).
  9. OG Jar Jar

    Phoenix's Staff App

    +1 Having read your application you put a lot of focus on the shortage in EU staff that i completly support. Have also never heard anything bad about this player so would be a perfect time to atleast give him a chance with getting staff experience. Would love to see you on the staff team and sry...
  10. OG Jar Jar

    Jar Jar's Custom Character - Jaeger

    Your globally used name: Jaeger or Old Jar Jar SteamID: STEAM_0:1:127882406 Model link(s): Model ID: models/jessev92/player/military/cod4_sniper.mdl
  11. OG Jar Jar

    Who was the best JvS player

    Guess i will have to start making more meme vids again :P
  12. OG Jar Jar


    Well hello there gamecrunch
  13. OG Jar Jar

    Rocky's Staff App

    +1 Respectable and fair person. He is always up for a good time and I will always be there as his healing buddy :p
  14. OG Jar Jar

    Jar Jar's CC

    Your globally-used name: Jar Jar Or Jaeger STEAMID32: STEAM_0:1:127882406 Model: Darth Jar Jar
  15. OG Jar Jar

    What does Jar Jar get?

    Alright just hope that there gets to be a full description when it is ready :) Also i kinda agree with Whiskey here since last overthrow i was the only one with a dev and well everyone was surprised (Even staff). It got 2 people trying to get emp killed instantly.
  16. OG Jar Jar

    What does Jar Jar get?

    So currently it just says i am braindead which maybe i am who knows XD Just want to know what you get due to last time it just got shit added and taken away without notice. So a list of what you get would be nice for such a prize :p
  17. OG Jar Jar

    Who should be Emperor and GM

    Well whoever is emperor on sith i will always be defending :)
  18. OG Jar Jar

    Jaegers CC Recovery

    Your globally used name: Jaeger SteamID: STEAM_0:1:127882406 Model link(s): Model ID: models/jessev92/player/military/cod4_sniper.mdl
  19. OG Jar Jar

    CC Wipe 8/25/19

    In-Game Name: IT 2nd LT AIG Jaeger the KS CC Name in F4 menu: Jaeger The Kill Stealer Model link(s): SteamID: STEAM_0:1:127882406
  20. OG Jar Jar

    Naga's gray app

    +1 Go for it and remember the rules of engagement