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  1. Footra

    OTF Staff Application

    neutral directly asking people to support your app is pretty shady but you seem trustworthy enough i guess Not like my opinion matters though lol
  2. Footra

    Footra's Gamemaster App

    uh you just contradicted yourself if "all encounters were toxic"
  3. Footra

    Footra's Gamemaster App

    In that case, you're quite toxic too. multiple times you were just being a jerk to me so I reciprocate the respect I get
  4. Footra

    Footra's Gamemaster App

    also, I guess having an opinion different from yours is toxic. Oh well Any time I bring up things like that on the discord it's to try to make the server better from my point of view
  5. Footra

    Footra's Gamemaster App

    Personally, I do have a lot of patience and a level head, but I understand where you're coming from what you've seen I act differently when I'm in the position of a gamemaster
  6. Footra

    Santana Ban Appeal

    I feel like a permaban should have a reason so we know why someone was banned You’ll know in the moment but in a week you’ll forget
  7. Footra

    Lukir's Gamemaster Application

    +1 very good
  8. Footra

    Footra's Gamemaster App

    I was thinking pking people would be too much of a downside, because being pked so easily for something as a roll would be pretty unfair. However, it feels like there is little to no risk for any action you take currently outside of disrespecting a council member. I want my events to have...
  9. Footra

    Footra's Gamemaster App

    I Idk if im allowed to reply to my own app or not but let me respond I would of course collaborate with other gms and their visions for their event, give input but ultimately let them control their event Do personal events randomly for anyone who would want one, like if someones master wanted...
  10. Footra

    Character sheets?

    I feel like if it were to be something like that then having a section in the forums would be better so you dont have to constantly put your link in chat If it were something in game it would make more sense to have it attach to the tab menu when you press on a player name or something My...
  11. Footra

    Character sheets?

    I don’t know the way you would go about adding character sheets in game because there are probably multiple ways you go about it I’m excited to see what you come up with after you’re feeling better
  12. Footra

    Receiving Damage

    yeah sometimes when im fighting someone it’s extremely hard to tell who the one taking damage is because it gives the same sound regardless of if you or your opponent gets hit I propose maybe some sound or tell client side that you got hit And maybe a little sound when you hit your opponent
  13. Footra

    Jips The Jawa Application

    +1 being a jawa def fits your rp style
  14. Footra

    Rocky's Vaylin App Again

    +1 i trust you to fit the role
  15. Footra

    Footra's CC

    Your globally-used name: Footra STEAMID32: STEAM_0:0:41677704 Model Link: Model ID: models/dual_barbarians/dual_barbarians_pm.mdl thanks
  16. Footra

    Shae's Senya Tirall Application

    +1 yes
  17. Footra

    Rowdy's CC

    It is from the same workshop thing so maybe they could add a bodygroup pretty easily
  18. Footra

    Footra's Gamemaster App

    QUALIFICATIONS Steam Name - Footra Steam ID - STEAM_0:0:41677704 Ingame Name(s) - GICB NINQ SN Apprentice Azure / KL Padawan Aspect Garry’s Mod Playtime - 3,972.7 Warn Count - 0 Age - 17 (03/23/2004) Relevant Experience Servers - Honestly, it's been so long that I don't remember most of the...
  19. Footra

    Character sheets?

    The thing I really enjoy about JvS is that you can make your own characters with their own backstories and make them really feel unique Which brings me into the topic of Character Sheets JvS and DnD are similar in the fact that everyone has their own character that they play as. There seems to...
  20. Footra


    Easy fix : make the second saber not have a hitbox ( so it's only cosmetic)