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    Face reveal v3?

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    That is so rude

    said they were banning a veteran player, but server has only been out for a few days 🤔. Wack how can a player be a veteran after a day. As far as I was aware this was a full server overhaul, systems, rules, staff, expectations etc. Doesn't seem like you could be a vet to that
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    or just GM for me atleast if we gotta finish trials
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    for me and @MojangZ
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    Mando Season 2 Is Trash.

    The first episode is good, rest sucks. Bad production quality and story writing. Baby yoda should have been like 3 episodes of the show not 3 seasons. When I want to watch a Mandolorian I wanna see a badass bounty hunter from the planet that is known for war. NOT some feelgood glorified baby...
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    Server Release is imminent.

    You should make it clear people wont get their dono shit back so theres no false expectations on launch. Also wipe forums ranks.
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    Report on Spectre

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    Report on Spectre

    Uhh do you have anything to back that up? I am a little concerned that you would leave to community and come back after years on the day of this post. Just an Ex-player trying to slander my good name, guess theres a good reason you never climbed the staff ranks if you are going to make claims...
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    Report on Spectre

    more proof that spectre owns the account. what are the odds that Narwhale comes back after all this time on the day there is a report against him. I only tagged spectre.
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    Report on Spectre

    speak of the devil....
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    Report on Spectre

    Narwhale has infact already been unbanned. This is a matter of rebanning narwhale AND spectre.
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    Report on Spectre

    I was looking through the user lists and saw this user was not currently banned. Reason: Toxic and running the notorious villian and troll mastermind account known as "Narwhale" Over the past years this narwhale guy has been living in my head rent free. I mean who has the audacity to call out...
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    Reborn JvS Who Won?

    RT won wtf. RT has always been more popular than IT except the last leg of the server, and a few times someone like croc led them.
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    TV Show/Movie/Anime Forum

    lol ur a clown if you think anyone is gonna scroll up through 100s of discord messages in a conversation. Forums are so much easier to read thru
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    Face Reveal V4

    you shaved
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    Face Reveal V4

    you can go find my face on the other face reveal thread
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    3.5 Skill Trees Are Back.

    For all of you that dont look at discord but browse the forums. Classes have been removed and 3.5 skill trees have returned. 🦀Crab Dance🦀
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    Sloth's leave yall called it

    Also, neither me or whiskey asked to be on council. I honestly did not expect to get called into the JC room, I dont think I had earned council yet, I didnt think I even had a chance to get on council yet. I actually +1d the demotion because you put me and loody on council after like a week on...
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    Sloth's leave yall called it

    Almost made it 4 weeks. Just like what was said on your staff app LMAO.