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  1. Oat man

    Mouses trooper unblacklist appeal

    Im 99.8% sure You used aim bot.
  2. Oat man


    Ok wow no need to call me out
  3. Oat man


    Im 14 and im deep
  4. Oat man


    I will probably come back at the end of the school year
  5. Oat man


    K so im going to leave the sever i will come back someday but probably not for a while. I have been thinking about leaving for a long time and the stuff with jedi was the push i needed. Here is some cool lads Scary Pengunio Vethar Rainz Croc Leviathan Scrim Cause Plo koon Caitlyn Thorik Rob...
  6. Oat man

    Sloth's Leave

    You will be missed i hope you come back someday
  7. Oat man


    -1 ^
  8. Oat man

    Prestige Diary Forum Topic

    I did but i just did it again
  9. Oat man

    Goat Goats Ban Appeal

    -1 mingy and really toxic you got warned twice in 4 days, and i warned you one of the times.
  10. Oat man

    Prestige Diary Forum Topic

    Its says im prestige level one when im prestige level two
  11. Oat man


    That's a big RIP
  12. Oat man

    GMOD and me

    Dang my post got Deleted for just telling the truth here let me put it in a way that you wont get offended. (sorry if my lost one offended you) The way you left the sever changed people's perspective on you making you look bad, So a lot of people think of you badly now.
  13. Oat man


    Not much how about you?
  14. Oat man

    aight im out, bye - jump

    I hope you come back someday soon
  15. Oat man

    Happy new year!!

  16. Oat man

    Stopping My toxicity

    I am not toxic anymore like its reall rare i say something toxic
  17. Oat man

    Sorry for being toxic in the past

  18. Oat man

    Sorry for being toxic in the past

    Yeah i mean in the past 2 weeks i used to everything second