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  1. Idris

    Forum Upgraded

    I'll have to fix the darkmode style hahaha. (Also might need a cache refresh if you can't see dislikes). Upon request those, I've removed dislike because people were abusing it, and I've added another position (Love) and a Neutral (Angry).
  2. Idris

    Forum Upgraded

    However, idk why it's kept them together... will have to find a way of sorting that out. Alright so you can click the list and a popup shows, displaying how many reactions there are. (We can also include many more emoji/reactions).
  3. Idris

    Forum Upgraded

    You can still just click/tap the button to give a like (or remove the selected reaction) but to access other reactions you can hover over the Like Button.
  4. Idris

    Forum Upgraded

    Hi, I've upgraded the forum and somethings are broken (new reactions included). If you find something that is not on the following list: please make a post telling me what it is. UPDATE: Fixed Reactions, adjusting some styling. Thanks, Idris.
  5. Idris

    Shepard Report

    You are a Nice pump?
  6. Idris

    It is the time

    Wait does that mean I can revoke your forum admin perms :love::love::love:
  7. Idris

    Meme Thread

  8. Idris

    Since he asked us to.

    "I'm going to lock this thread to save it spiraling out of control." >That's why I locked the thread. I don't understand why you have to continue this drama. It was just simmering down. For the previous reason, I'm going to lock this thread. EDIT: Also I know about the unbanning; I too see...
  9. Idris

    Peace and prosperity

    Aye, yo, welcome to garry's mod.
  10. Idris

    Peace and prosperity

    Drama is like a pimple, it takes more than one thing to form. So to blame one person is not correct, I'm not on anyone's side; I'm a neutral third party.
  11. Idris

    Since he asked us to.

    As I believe shepard has stated; he's dealt / dealing with this situation; I'm going to lock this thread to save it spiraling out of control.
  12. Idris


    <-- I like this post. Yeah... I'm Locking this thread, for some reason this thread is lighting up my email.... Not sure why though.
  13. Idris

    Yeah nah, I fixed some things with the colors n stuff.

    Title says it all; If you have suggestions about colors n crap just post it here. kthx. Idris.
  14. Idris

    JvS suggestions forum addition

    Atlas is forum manager because I'm too lazy and don't want to be staff :3 I'll stick to actual development. k thx. /thread
  15. Idris

    Might wanna fix this boys

  16. Idris

    Rules Button

    While I agree with you on the rules button, It's not my place to add it. I personally can't find the rules thread though. I've added a NavLink to the navbar which has a button directly to the rules thread. I'll be...
  17. Idris

    Downvote button

    Archived. /Locked.
  18. Idris

    Get reborn on gametracker

    Done. /Locked
  19. Idris

    Missing Tags

    @Phaze I am unable to verify your status as GM and VIP on the old website. But everyone else has been tagged.
  20. Idris

    Missing Tags

    Done your tags, Flash and Zyon.