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  1. Theseus

    Oil's Goodbye

  2. Theseus

    Ben and Jar

    First of all not the best way to get support especially after you posting evidence of you breaking the rules instead. Secondly why you gotta be toxic because people are intelligent enough to have their own opinions on a situation you have no reason for that comment. Like we just are doing our...
  3. Theseus

    Ben and Jar

    -1 This shows nothing but you RDMing, Bhopping, and Kill Abusing. I don't know if you understand how this works or if the video just got cut short but you are completely in the wrong here and if anything you should be warned as of the current evidence.
  4. Theseus

    My turn

    Cya bro 😕
  5. Theseus

    Eros' Forum Tag Request

  6. Theseus

    Kales discord unban

    +1 This ban was one of the many that happened when chat had sprung outta control and he was one of the people banned then I was banned at the same time If i remember correctly. He learned his lesson
  7. Theseus

    Riddick's TS Ban

    +1 Mans gotta DC to run
  8. Theseus

    It's happening again

    I said others tooo
  9. Theseus

    It's happening again

  10. Theseus

    It's happening again

    Uhhh hop in that real quick
  11. Theseus

    It's happening again

    So uh yeah i'm gonna go ahead and uh.... dip for long time this time. I loved this server it was fun but my fun has ran out. The server has driven me to the point I am more stressed about it then school and it feels like a job and I don't play it for fun anymore. I will miss you guys Shoutouts...
  12. Theseus

    reaction ideas?

    Ok holiday.
  13. Theseus


    I'm still mod I just wanted the extra tag xD
  14. Theseus


    plat VIP whoops
  15. Theseus


    In-Game Name: Theseus Steam Name:KvngTheseus Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:101200676
  16. Theseus


    OH NO
  17. Theseus

    Charger's Resignation

    RIP Then there was one...
  18. Theseus

    Goat Goat’s Ban Appeal

    Actually it is when I hear from half the active community that you have been nothing but trouble. Let's not forget you pretended to be treason
  19. Theseus

    Goat Goat’s Ban Appeal

    I haven't been on the server in awhile I hear everything via disc and ts as anzati said