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  1. Cazar314

    Rdes Ban Appeal

    kinda leanin towards a -1 considering how many permas and warns u got but since i dont even know the context in which you accumulated all those warns and bans, imma be at a neutral
  2. Cazar314

    Im baaack

  3. Cazar314

    Bring back the glory days

  4. Cazar314

    Bring back the glory days

    I feel like the skill trees are way to confusing to understand. There are just way too much skill sets and force powers that it almost makes it hard for any new and returning players to learn. Especially since a lot of the skill sets have a lot of advantages and disadvantages (like +100 HP but...
  5. Cazar314

    Post your best moments in reborn picture/video
  6. Cazar314

    Rough waters on the high seas of life.

    I also agree
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  8. Cazar314

    L y f f h a p e n n s

    Update: i is bacc, kinda...
  9. Cazar314

    A conclusion

    Bruh, tf happened when i was gone??
  10. Cazar314

    moxxi's CC readd

    *bruh sound effect*
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  12. Cazar314

    haha yes!

  13. Cazar314

    Rock Chris Gamemaster Application

    +1 i feel like u wud do gud as a gm, if u do get this position, u wud need to learn or get better at building props
  14. Cazar314

    Jasotos Tmod App

    -1 even though u do have sum experience being a moderator, i feel like u need to be on the server a lil bit more so that people wud no who u r, i wud give this a plus one if it werent for the total time u spent on this server
  15. Cazar314

    Time to Part Ways

  16. Cazar314

    L y f f h a p e n n s

    Oof just realized that sum 1 finally gave me vip tag thnx to whoever did that 😚
  17. Cazar314

    L y f f h a p e n n s

    Ayo! So pretty much i havent been on the server for quite a while since my latest loa post .___. But due to the gud and bad things that r kinda goin on im me life, i decided to distance myself from this server. This isnt necessarily a gud bai post per se, its just that a lot of things r goin on...
  18. Cazar314

    fry's model rework

    + 1
  19. Cazar314

    I AM 21 NOW

    Buy me beer bro, i wanna get drunk
  20. Cazar314

    Charger is going to get mad (maybe) LEAK

    Oh my... 😳😳😳