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  1. Krimson Kebosmi

    Accepted Belial (Vasu's) Hero Application

    +2 Would be a great for the role
  2. Krimson Kebosmi

    Denied AJ GM App

    +1 Could be a good member to the team.
  3. Krimson Kebosmi

    Dread's Dark Jedi Application

    Pretty sure dread left the server a few weeks ago chief.
  4. Krimson Kebosmi

    Koomsawks return of the Grand Jawa

    +1 would like to have the old jawas back so that the economy can get flowing again
  5. Krimson Kebosmi

    Ya boi is Re-applying

    QUALIFICATIONS Steam Name - Gakaru Steam ID - STEAM_0:0:455866997 Ingame Name(s) - Krimson Kebosmi, Hellsing Server Playtime - 3 weeks 6 days and 20 hours Garry’s Mod Playtime - 1,991.2 (If i had my old account it would be almost 4k) Warn Count - 0 Age - 21 Relevant Experience Servers - SFN...
  6. Krimson Kebosmi

    Amray's (Amrae) Staff Application

    +1 can be an interesting person to be around but i think would do well as staff.
  7. Krimson Kebosmi

    IROCONIAN PREMIERE pieces of the empire

    Quit necroposting
  8. Krimson Kebosmi

    Bobby's Merc application.

    +1 Would be pog to have around
  9. Krimson Kebosmi

    Grey Jedi Application

    +1 would love to see you as a Grey. Despite what you think of yourself i've seen you do RP naturally so you would fit in well.
  10. Krimson Kebosmi

    Accepted Xidant's GM Application

    +1 It's fucking xidant. I remember his events. He will do well.
  11. Krimson Kebosmi

    Dread's Dark Jedi Application

    Neutral: This seems more like a Grey app than a Dark Jedi one.
  12. Krimson Kebosmi

    Krimson's model come back

    STEAMID32: STEAM_0:0:455866997 Model link: (Models are already in the server) Model ID: models/player/reborn/civkrimson.mdl - models/player/reborn/krimson.mdl
  13. Krimson Kebosmi

    DemonNero97- Ban Appeal

    Pretty sure Tyr made like 13 ban appeals
  14. Krimson Kebosmi

    Pyro's Citizen Event Character Application

    +2 It's fucking pyro. Good guy all around and just wants to collect plants and have fun. He will do well with this.
  15. Krimson Kebosmi

    Arc’s Gamemaster Application

    +2 I don't see him alot but lovin the Application he has placed. Would make a good addition.
  16. Krimson Kebosmi

    OTF Staff Application

    -1 Only times i've seen you is when you are being mingey.
  17. Krimson Kebosmi

    Krimson's Gray App (Again)

    Please copy the entire form below and make a new thread in this section with all of the fields correctly filled out. Failure to correctly fill out this form within 24 hours of posting your application will result in your application automatically being denied. QUALIFICATIONS Steam Name - Gakaru...
  18. Krimson Kebosmi

    Lukir's Gamemaster Application

    +2 Would make a great GM
  19. Krimson Kebosmi

    Footra's Gamemaster App