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  1. Hpack

    Hpack's CC

    REQUIRED ITEMS Your globally used name: Hpack STEAMID32: STEAM_0:1:46722136 Model link: Already in one of the reborn content packs installed on the server Model ID: models/player/prominentgaming/pgjedimasterhpack.mdl
  2. Hpack

    Hpack's Arti Readdition

    Crystal Name - Legion Crystal Description - A synthetic crystal forged in the deep green fire of a Supernova. Crystal Rarity -Artifact Crystal Effect -Corrupted Crystal Inner effect (artifact only)- Smithed Crystal Color (RGB) - 127, 216, 30 (Green) Inner Color (RGB) - 0, 0, 0 (Black) SteamID...
  3. Hpack

    Charger's Resignation

  4. Hpack

    Top People of REBORN gaming big ups yaself my yout jahweh

    Could you please do one for me?
  5. Hpack

    CC Wipe 8/25/19

    In-Game Name: PGT Darth Hpack Rage CC name in F4 menu: Hpack Model link(s): SteamID: STEAM_0:1:46722136
  6. Hpack

    Scary's Farewell

    Its been fun man, I wish the best of luck to ya.
  7. Hpack


    I am going to miss you my friend, there's been a lot of really good memories from you, jumping on with cause and you both saying how I should join the staff team back in 2.0, all the hours we spent talking, hanging out and playing games over the last two years, busting my balls when I was in a...
  8. Hpack

    A message to Reborn Gaming

    Never got to actually say it but goodbye my friend, you ever want to come back you'll always have a home. Hope to still talk to ya sometimes
  9. Hpack

    Hpack's Custom Arti

    This probably gonna be the come back
  10. Hpack

    CC Recovery Thread

    In-Game Name: Jedi Master Hpack Pence (Had to choose new model cause the addon for my old one was sadly deleted) CC Name In F4 Menu: Hpack Link(s) To Workshop Model: Model Id: models/player/ricardo.mdl SteamID: 76561198053710001
  11. Hpack

    Hpack's Custom Arti

    Crystal Type - Artifact Crystal Name - Baldness Incarnate Crystal Description - A crystal forged in the fire of chlamydia and handed down throughout the ages from bald man to bald man to show the unlimited power of being a bald mother fucker. Crystal Effect - Corrupted Crystal Inner - Dark Saber...
  12. Hpack

    cait's staff application

    +1 Been doing stuff to help the community, been real active so I say give her a shot. Edit: I also agree with Faerie and Laviana, it would be cool to see you out with the other members of the community. It hasn't been much but the time ive hung out playing Halo Wars with you Shepard and Serin...
  13. Hpack

    The official Reborn Gaming tier list

    Great work on the video
  14. Hpack

    New Temp map idea!

    +1 Need a breath of fresh air and this is exactly what we need.
  15. Hpack

    Rdes Ban Appeal

    Well said, thank you Arata
  16. Hpack

    Rdes Ban Appeal

    -1 For reasons stated above. You've had 4 times to reform but time and time again that hasn't been the case. You're not a bad kid but you've been given too many chances and its frustrating to see people who have been perma banned come back and nothing comes of it. I'm all for second chances but...
  17. Hpack

    Pains Staff App

    +1 For reasons stated earlier in the app
  18. Hpack

    Serin's Staff Application

    +1 He was a great staff member before and that wouldn't change now.
  19. Hpack

    Dickolas Dan's Departure

    Goodbye Dickolas Dan, its been real fun and im gonna miss you man, good luck to you with whatever you do!
  20. Hpack


    Goodbye, and best of luck