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  1. Kubo

    Kubo's discord mod app

    I do, I am well experienced in mee6 ,dyno, and disboard
  2. Kubo

    Kubo's discord mod app

    Discord Name and ID Tag Kubo#8123 Are there any specific times you cannot be active on the Discord server? I can always be active on the discord server. I have the discord app which makes it very convenient for me to help out when needed. Why do you want to be Discord staff? I want to become...
  3. Kubo

    Ya boi is Re-applying

    +2 Good app!!! Would love to see you back on the team :)
  4. Kubo

    Koomsawks return of the Grand Jawa

    +1 jawas are super fun to have around :)
  5. Kubo

    Amray's (Amrae) Staff Application

    +2 Good app, would like to see how you preform :)
  6. Kubo

    Apex's CC

  7. Kubo

    Accepted Xidant's GM Application

    +2 ready to see this event in action
  8. Kubo

    Denied Staff Applaction

    -1 Follow format
  9. Kubo

    Kooms Staff App

    +1 would make a good addition to the staff team!!!
  10. Kubo

    Kubo forum tag (admin)

    In-Game Name:Kubo Steam Name:Monkeybread Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:145481373 Tag: Admin tag I am off trial
  11. Kubo

    Metro's Gamemaster Application

  12. Kubo

    Platinum's GM Application

  13. Kubo

    JPL's Staff Application

  14. Kubo

    Kaliks' Gamemaster Application

    +1 Good app
  15. Kubo

    Kubo sound pack
  16. Kubo

    Accepted Hope's Staff Application

    +1 good homie
  17. Kubo

    Accepted Brutus' GM Application

    +1 very good plot. Would love to see you on the team.
  18. Kubo

    Accepted yort - Staff Application

    +1 bc your my homie
  19. Kubo

    Accepted Frog's Staff Application

  20. Kubo

    Draken's Application

    +1pretty good event idea.