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  1. Highlord Miles

    Tyr's Ban Appeal

  2. Highlord Miles

    Bruno's TS and Discord ban appeal

    Asked for SteamID you put, "You guys have it" No. Give your steamID Also at least apologize in your appeal damn man.
  3. Highlord Miles

    Ban appeal

    It's pretty funny. People will go from ragging on Shepard for unbanning RDE and not enforcing perma's to, +1 should be given another chance. RDE is the constant excuse people use when they get perma'd and are also the same reasons people give when supporting their appeal. +1 if RDE can be...
  4. Highlord Miles

    frys ban appeal (+1 pls thx)

    Why are you belittling people in your ban appeal? lmao Thats fuckin Redd man. Like Redd. You know the Guy with Gold VIP
  5. Highlord Miles

    Goat Goats Ban Appeal

    I was trying to find a way to show some support, but the conversation we had in discord last night took any sort of support I had for you away. You then said Arata was right and that you did say that. I'm all for being apologetic and realizing your mistakes, but don't lie and say that you...
  6. Highlord Miles

    black community of reborn gaming

    I've been told I'm black from the waist down Well atleast that's what I tell myself
  7. Highlord Miles

    Reborn Gaming Meetup 2020

  8. Highlord Miles

    Reborn Gaming Meetup 2020

    Word. Lets all meet in Charlotte North Carolina Now if only I could convince Shepard to move down here.
  9. Highlord Miles

    The plan to save reborn. Stage 1. Operation yeet.

    I mean Reborn has a guideline. It's called the rules, and if you're somebody who breaks the rules and won't stop breaking the rules, you need to go. You're also acting like there's a list of people he's just going to start slowly banning. True, there are people who need to be banned, but they...
  10. Highlord Miles

    The plan to save reborn. Stage 1. Operation yeet.

    I don't understand the fear of this at all. If you aren't someone who consistently pokes, prods, and tries to harass others, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. This has been a problem for awhile where there are just some players who constantly and consistently put others down and try to...
  11. Highlord Miles


    This has been up since Wednesday @Charger Can someone handle it?
  12. Highlord Miles

    Top People of REBORN gaming big ups yaself my yout jahweh

    Nah if anyone is squirrel girl, it's scary. That or Beast
  13. Highlord Miles

    Top People of REBORN gaming big ups yaself my yout jahweh

    lol nice Iroc. Am I anyone on here? Edit: Wait, I'm not on the server. Lol I'm outtie
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    minor? I hardly know her
  15. Highlord Miles

    face reveal v7

    Why would a guy like me pass up an opportunity to put a picture of himself
  16. Highlord Miles

    face reveal v7

  17. Highlord Miles

    Face Reveal v4

  18. Highlord Miles


    You really got "It"
  19. Highlord Miles

    A message to Reborn Gaming

    It's not about the destination, it's about the Journey. Instead of goodbyes, post your favorite photo or moment of your time at Reborn-Gaming. It is after all, our 3 year anniversary. And none of this, nothing at all, would have been possible without any of you.