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  1. Tupac

    Pump Staff App

    +1 cant be worse than Jump
  2. Tupac

    Staff App Speedrun any% Glitchless. Run submitted by Spectre

    Oh shit he actually used the XYZ Ctrl Alt Delete speedrun glitch. +1 for that effort holy shit
  3. Tupac

    Jump's 9th staff app

    -1 hes my bitch
  4. Tupac

    Zeus’s Staff app

    -1 Lmfao
  5. Tupac

    What really killed Reborn....

    Who the fuck actually cares
  6. Tupac


    Im owner, youre allowed back in
  7. Tupac

    Most Hated Player In Reborn History?

    Everyone hates ^
  8. Tupac

    Biggest Simp?

    How's your rich Benefactor
  9. Tupac

    Who was the best JvS player

    Bro holy shit true
  10. Tupac

    Thanks for the memories

  11. Tupac

    Who was the best JvS player

    Where my homie Primi at
  12. Tupac

    Lightbalb Goodbye

  13. Tupac


  14. Tupac


    Yea, funny he put us but not you, the kid that plays a dead server 24/7. get fucked dork.
  15. Tupac

    Cruens/Sickmans/Hybiscus' Staff Application

    "If I +1 you're staff application you will get accepted"- mod sickman. -1 Dork.
  16. Tupac

    Face Reveal V4

    this again
  17. Tupac

    Estrella's GameMaster Application

    +1 Shit, cant be any worse than Premium
  18. Tupac


    Yeah bring it back to 180 so I can yell at kids again.
  19. Tupac

    A Message to Reborn Gaming 2

    You know at times like this, I would have Indian Jah with Moonlight to fall back on. But here have this instead.