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  1. Dragonlord82

    Lyco's GM Application

    +1 I can see good potential especially from the head gm experience would be more than happy to give them a shot
  2. Dragonlord82

    Lander's GameMaster Applications

    +1 Trained this man in character since he first joined server my guy learned English from the server that's dedication he's also great at rp would be a great asset
  3. Dragonlord82

    Accepted Carl Wheezers Gamemaster Application

    +1 I've seen momin for a while know he has what it takes
  4. Dragonlord82

    Accepted Cellex's Staff Application

    +1 know this guy he's got it
  5. Dragonlord82

    Accepted Ja'kal's Staff app

    QUALIFICATIONS Steam Name: Dragonlord_82 Steam ID - STEAM_0:1:196652460 Ingame Name(s) - Emperor's Advisor Ja'kal Lukar, Knight CON I Lucas Bane, Ringmaster Steve Server Playtime - 2 weeks, 4 days, 20 hours Garry’s Mod Playtime - 2864.5 Hours Warn Count - 0 Age - 19 Relevant Experience Servers...
  6. Dragonlord82

    Accepted Storyteller's Gamemaster Application

    Same thing as Xidant said about events plus I think we need a few Jedi events rather than them all being sith related or just some cross faction events tho I believe that you can Expand and learn over time so you have my Support +1
  7. Dragonlord82

    Accepted Red's Staff App

    +1 I know red I trust they will do well
  8. Dragonlord82

    Accepted Ward's GameMaster Re-Application

    +1 I remember some of these events from last iteration and Ward is a great GM
  9. Dragonlord82

    Accepted Game Master Applications

    +1 As stated I think MeatLoaf is great at rp and the idea's they can come up with are incredible they spoke to me about other events
  10. Dragonlord82

    Ja'kal's CC

    Your globally-used name: Ja'kal/ Dragonlord_82 STEAMID32: STEAM_0:1:196652460 Model Link: Model ID: models/gonzo/forcewarden/krelach/krelach.mdl
  11. Dragonlord82

    Denied Dragonlord_82 (Ja'cal/Lucas's) Hero Application

    hope the changes I have made will be acceptable I apologise that took me so long I haven't checked this in a little while
  12. Dragonlord82

    Denied Dragonlord_82 (Ja'cal/Lucas's) Hero Application

    QUALIFICATIONS Steam Name - Dragonlord_82 Steam ID - STEAM_0:1:196652460 Ingame Name(s) and Ranks - Elder Sorcerer Ja’cal (Left the empire but is still listed to DC), Sage Lucas Bane (Jedi Council), Grey Arcanist Granite (Specific EC that I will delete soon), SDWOP CPL Duff. Server Playtime...
  13. Dragonlord82

    DemonNero97- Ban Appeal

    +1 I've had no bad encounters with Demon it was a rage filled moment we all get them of course that doesn't justify shouting at a staff member who's there to sort a situation out personally I think the ban should be a least made 2 weeks instead of permanent he's clearly sorry and it was a...
  14. Dragonlord82

    Vader's Ban Appeal

    +1 I believe that the ban should be dropped since this is a fair reason he was pressured during a soft PK he shouldn't have to drop his inventory during this since it's a non lootable PK as Geico has brought up this is Ja'kal if that's important
  15. Dragonlord82

    Equin's Staff Application

    +1 never done one of these before but I know Equin from the JvS server and he is a very respectful and friendly person to go talk to he would be able to handle a sit very well in my opinion and he’d be more than able to keep to his word in what he says he will do I’m Ja’kal on the server if you...