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    Anyone else having issues

    I’ve been on the server the last couple of days and when I load in I’m fine for about 20 minutes then I just randomly time out. It keeps happening every time a Join the server. I’m wondering if anyone knows what the problem is or if they are having the same issues. I’m able to play other online...
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    What exactly changed for 5.0?

    I haven’t been on yet but is there like a page or a list of what exactly changed? All I know is the map changed and levels reset, is there like anything else? Please type it down below
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    Gaming Setup V1

    Take a pic and send us your gaming setup :)
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    Rightpops Tag

    In game name: Spear Master Leftpop Boreas Steam name: Rightpop Steam id: STEAM_0:1:83209209 Tag: Gold VIP
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    I'm 16 and wanna get a job so I could buy a new phone and donate to server but idk what's a good place to work at any suggestions?
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    Timing out/losing connection

    I've been trying to jokn the server for a couple days but I keep either timing out or losing connection, I have good connection but don't know why it's losing connection. Has anyone had or been able to fix this problem?
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    If your seeing this message have a Merry Flipping Christmas and a happy flippin new year
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    Anyone hyped up to see the new broly movie? (OF COURSE ENGLISH DUB)
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    I hope you a good thanksgiving and stuffed yourselves until you exploded. I only ate a chicken wing and some rice lol
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    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    The new Star Wars battlefront 2 battle of geonosis trailer dropped it looks hella dope
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    Rainbow six seige

    Anyone hear about the new operators from wind bastion? Kaid is over powered asf he basically is the new bandit and nomad can send you flying on your feet which will be a game changer but it will also be a troll because you can send your teams flying off the roof either to their death or to Injure
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    This Thursday I might be getting some real wifi and if I do I'll come back strong asf and be ready to duel see you guys soon -From a clone trooper leftpop
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    What is a good cheap wifi company

    I'm tired of playing on hotspots does anyone know good cheap wifi compaines I can get?
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    You all probably call me the killing machine but I'm going LOA, I haven't been in past few days because of my IPhone stopped working which was my only source of internet so next time my phone gets fixed or get real wifi I'll be playing offline PS4, :P