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  1. Maguku


  2. Maguku

    Maguku CC (recovery)

    ye bro
  3. Maguku

    My Final Goodbye

    Smh I salute
  4. Maguku

    Ruby's Staff App

    Had to come back for the one time
  5. Maguku

    CC recovery

    Lemme use this for my cc
  6. Maguku

    ima just leave this here

    Weird flex
  7. Maguku

    Gamemaster Application

  8. Maguku

    I've returned from the Abyss.

    Lmao what is this proving?
  9. Maguku

    I've returned from the Abyss.

    what? Idk even know who this is
  10. Maguku


    Come back then
  11. Maguku

    Had To

    Sums up this community
  12. Maguku

    pumps d cord ban appeal

    +2 dindu nothin
  13. Maguku

    Had To

    Banned lmao
  14. Maguku

    Had To

    Bro the only bot here is u smh
  15. Maguku

    Had To

    Where my faze contract
  16. Maguku

    Had To

    Hit this shot, pretty sick Featuring @Lil Pump @Myth @Spectre8105
  17. Maguku

    Mouses Trooper unblacklist

    Shit dude I didn’t know shroud plays reborn that’s crazy
  18. Maguku

    Lemme get

    This valid now?
  19. Maguku

    server suggestions

    also fix ALT so it doesn’t glitch you saber, so many people use it to avoid getting parried and it’s scummy
  20. Maguku

    server suggestions

    No you just wanna abuse it’s in duels so you can’t get parried