1. Krimson Kebosmi Krimson Kebosmi:
  2. Geico Geico:
  3. Eros Eros:
  4. acid acid:
  5. Mael Baez Mael Baez:
  6. Ronnie Ronnie:
    +1 hamborgor
  7. Koint Koint:
    +1 Free NBA Youngboy
  8. Good Ole' Rocky Good Ole' Rocky:
    Free NBA Youngboy
  9. OTF OTF:
    free me mane
  10. Luna Luna:
  11. Arorous Arorous:
  12. Bishop Bishop:
    how rude
  13. Nabe Nabe:
    Y'all are stinky
  14. Krimson Kebosmi Krimson Kebosmi:
  15. The Observer The Observer:
  16. Firwork Firwork:
    Oh hi
  17. Ronnie Ronnie:
  18. OG Jar Jar OG Jar Jar:
    Happy to get the situation in the ban appeal situations properly explained Ronnie and observer. Proper bans it seems.
  19. Tyr Tyr:
    yes i was banned for being too good on discord
  20. OG Jar Jar OG Jar Jar:
    Tyr banned again?
  21. Luna Luna:
    still doesn't answer why the hype thread was deleted
  22. Ronnie Ronnie:
    This is something much different!
  23. Ronnie Ronnie:
    Nabe can tell you himself how much I've criticized his management skills over the past iteration of Reborn ...
  24. Nabe Nabe:
    Quality takes time. If you were present youd see the things we have strived to make.
  25. twitch.tv/anzati1 twitch.tv/anzati1: