Aight, Crimson boutta head out

I've been playing reborn on and off since around 1.0. I was pretty much a nobody, besides my short time in EE one summer. These past few months that changed. I met people here I can truly call friends. I'm truly grateful for the time I've spent here, but unfortunatly it looks like gmod as a whole is dying out. Reborn rarely gets above 30 players now, and it sucks. At this point, I don't have a real reason to keep playing. S/O to some cool kids:

Mouse: One of the first people I met when deciding to play again, you helped me progress and learn how to play a Sith properly. Went from laughing at you to respecting you in less than 3 days, good shit.

Midas/Breeze: We've known eachother for a bit now from other servers, but you taught me combat and helped me to not be so ass in every fight. Big respect

Rocky: What're you

Amun: doing step bro?

Chaz: Pogchamp man, glad I can call you a friend. You're super chill and will never cease to tell me I look like a fucking girl

Kenny: Passive rp G O D. You where pretty much the only reason I kept playing as Halberdier, you took things seriously, you ran shit well, and you're gonna be a great MOTO. Keep it up man.

RDE: Gamer nation man

Skies: Super chill guy, legit a failed clone of Gage that doesn't laugh as much buts still fun to hang around.

Eizen: Helped me learn Annihilation 2/Fury 3 stuff when I had just got the jesus pike, without you I prolly would've sold that shit a long time ago. Went from getting stomped by you as a Lord to getting taught.

Relicc: Shadow gang, missed having you play these apst few weeks. Yor gang has been kinda on the decline without ya. Vanguard shit with you around was always more fun.

Wrex: You really hired a campaign manager to try and become Halberdier but ily anyways

ZoZo: "And then I realized, I just really love having sex" fr though, you where awesome. One of the best Grandmasters for sure, and you never failed to trap me in a room as a Jedi and dev me.

Alexander: Darksaber gang, lowkey had the best master trials ever, really liked the part where you had to duel while being picked up with a fuckin psygun. Good ass Grandmaster.

Archer: Passive rp demi god, made going to Kashykk worth it. Glad I can call you a friend, I miss the days where I would challenge you to a PK duel nonstop.

Vickolas: Only really started talking once you where Voice, but you've been a damn good Emperor and I have no doubts whatsoever. You get involved in our meetings and arent afraid to voice your opinion. Keep it up man.

Khun: literally my wife, will try to deny it please disregard his lies

Mira: 🤡

Its been a good one fellas.


Didn’t make the list wooow rude

Will miss you dude... Now I’m the only normal DC rip me :(

Best voice