Ako's Kylo Ren Application


Steam Name - Jormangand
Steam ID - https://steamcommunity.com/id/bilbobaggnuts/
Ingame Name(s) and Ranks - Aki Rt Pvt, Ako Jedi Knight, Ja'ack Sith Lord
Server Playtime - 1w 4d 11hr
Garry’s Mod Playtime - 395 hr
Warn Count - 0
Age - 23

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What interests you most in the Star Wars universe?

Personally Im a huge fan of the Star fighters, I have always loved the Designs over the years, even investing money into X-wing just to have more of the Star fighters to Collect, The Designs, The Names, Even the lord of most ships always keeps me interested, Funny since i joined a server where we dont use them much.

What is the name of your character, and what is their history?

Ben Solo, Or Kylo Ren to be specific. Kylo Is the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa.

Ben Was one of Luke Skywalkers Pupils in his new Jedi Order, Among the other padawans, Bens connection to the force was far greater then their own, Leading to the others around him feeling Jealous, And as his uncle was their master, They believed his was Luke's favorite. On a Mission to Elphrona Ben was spoken to from a unseen voice, that of Snoke. As they continued their mission to find a Old Jedi Outpost they were met with the Knights of Ren. Ren their leader at the time offered Ben a spot in the group should he want it before retreating.

Ben years later whilst in his sleep was awoken by a nightmare, a feeling of fear that Luke was going to kill him, He unknowingly created a Force storm that Struck the temple. Causing it to burn and Crumble. Ben traumatized by this thought that he killed Luke, and Sat at the edge of the fire in grief, His fellow Padawans returned from off planet to see this sight and instantly assumed that he was responsible, out of Grief Ben proclaimed he thought that he may have killed thier master, The 3 other paadawans attacked him, but Kylo was able to severly injure one of them with ease, before the Padawans retreated, as did Ben.

Afterwords Ben made his way to see Snoke, Embracing him before proclaiming once more he believed that Luke was dead, when asked by Snoke what he planned to do now, Ben decided to return to Elphrona and retrieve Rens Helmet to join the Knights of Ren.

After 'Joining' the knights, Kylo had to face off against his fellow padawans again, Ren kill one of them named Tai angering Ben, to which Ben challenged Ren to a duel, Killing him and much to his surprise, The Knights of Ren bowed down to Ben, Right after he took up the name Kylo Ren.

He led these Knights of Ren on many missions for the first order, gaining a name as a Jedi Killer, Where he hunted down any remnants of the Jedi he could, trying to copy his grandfather Darth Vader. On a mission to secure the map to find Luke's location, he was met with trouble from the Rebellion, including a scavenger named Rey, whom he was oddly connected to. He later faced his father Han Solo having a conversation with him about turning back to the light, before murdering his father in cold blood.

Kylo is defeated by Rey and later teams up with her after capturing her. Killing Snoke and his royal guard confessing his love (ew) and his plan to create a new order away from legacy of the Sith or the Jedi. Framing Rey for the assassination of Snoke, Kylo takes full control of the First order to use its forces to attack Luke and the rebellion, Ending with Luke passing away.

He later is redeemed by Rey and the ghost of his father, Turning back to the light to face off against palaptine and the knights of Ren, leading to his death.

What drew you to the character role you have selected?

I've always loved how unhinged Kylo felt, most of his entire design looks like a budget Vader yet he carrys himself differently, Always trying to prove something, a feeling im rather used to, But his lightsaber always was something i loved, I love Cross guards, for lightsabers like his it just makes me fall in love at first sight.

What are your character’s main motivations, and how will you use that to drive your story?

I intend to play a bit more of a Sith focused Kylo as the first order doesnt exist, and Vader is the emperor. As Kylos motivations thought the first movie and some of the Comics is him trying to live up to Vaders name, I intend to use that to have him Live up to the Emperors expectations at all times, Carrying out kill missions and Inquisitor missions to help further the organization Vader once lead.

What is your connection to this character?

Kylo is a charterer i connect with on a deep level to a extent, a constant inner struggle, Trying to live up to a name far greater then your own, Always trying to prove yourself. These are things i've always had to deal with due to my last name, So i instantly understood part of his struggle, Even the part of constantly becoming unhinged due to the stress of the situation. His lightsaber as well is something that resonates with me, I love Cross guards, and the Idea of his unstable saber always has excited me.

What is your understanding of this character's origins and history?

Ive watched all 3 movies multiple times and read the Marvel comics a few times.

How are you adapting your character to fit into the Reborn timeline?

Upon being sent on a mission with the Knights of Ren by Supreme Commander Snoke, Kylo and the Knights stumbled upon a cult of Sorcerers conjuring a Ritual known only to the oldest ancestors of the Sith, With the orders to kill them Kylo and his Knights engaged the cult before falling into the trap laid by them, Sending Kylo back to the same location 100s of years before, Into the Reborn Timeline. It threw himself and his Knights all around the galaxy, making it nigh impossible for Kylo to track any of them down. But as he had no other Choice, He joined the Sith to find that his Grandfather was the Current Emperor.

What makes you best suited to fill this role?

Id like to say ive shown to be pretty active and have shown Quality rp to the extent of being considered to be able to have a lore Charterer, This one in particular of course hits close to home as He struggles with the fight inside himself between good and Evil, Always trying to prove himself to someone greater even despite how powerful he is, Kylo works to gain even more strength to live up to his name.



I've known them for six years+

Having seen how they can RP and carry themselves, they would do an excellent job at representing Kylo Ren and more than likely play them very well. Factoring in the positions their characters currently hold under their belt, I feel as if they are more than trustable with such a renowned character as Kylo Ren.


+1 Would be a great addition for future roleplay events. Maybe we could see a Vader and Kylo Ren interaction? Han Solo, Leia Organa or a young Luke and Kylo/Ben Solo situation? Lots of storylines to come?
"Did you come back to forgive me? Save my soul?"
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+ 1 I love Ako but don't really like the sequel's due to this winy boi, but from what you said it seems you have a idea on making the character better and fit in the timeline.