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Steam Name and Discord/Teamspeak name: Linxx I IFN.GG , LinxxTheDealer#7505
Banning Staff: ANZAT1
Reason for Ban: NITRP
Ban Time: Perma
What did you do?: I was fighting a trooper who attacked me first and he banned me
Why you should be unbanned: I should be unbanned because he already gave me a 1 day ban for NITRP prior to this for the same incedint. This was also my first ban.
"I don't want to come back to this stupid server."-Linxx.
Sorry Pal, but you were given a perma because you began minging and proclaiming that you care little for the server. Whether you were angry or not, that's why you received the time. Which you've seemed to have forgotten to mention.


-1 Low Effort, Low Quality, If I were an English major I'd be horrified.
You stated you in fact did not want want to come back and therefore I can't see a reason why you should be allowed to with the quality of this Ban Appeal.
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It is what it is
Reduced to a total of 3 days. See you in 48 hours (since you've been banned for a day)
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