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Steam Name - Belial
Steam ID - STEAM_0:1:508293481
Ingame Name(s) and Ranks - Vasulitu (Grand Master-- former Sage [JC] & High Consular), Anub'is (Sith Apprentice), Ultus (RT PFC), Thanatos (IT Private), Idris (Knight of Zakuul)
Server Playtime - 4 weeks, 3 days, 16 hours
Garry’s Mod Playtime - 857 hours
Warn Count - 0
Age - 19

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Event Character roles require a good amount of knowledge of lore, server history, and current server events.
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What interests you most in the Star Wars universe?
As I have answered in the past, it would be the Force. It is interesting due to what it is. A sort of mystical thread that is whimsical by nature, an aloof concept that many attempt to decipher, study, and understand within the Star Wars Universe. Some attempt to manipulate it for their own gain and prospects, others wish to use it for non-selfish means to aid others. But what truly has me is the fact that it can theoretically be used for anything. It isn't limitless, as everything does have its limitations, but the expansive creativity that one could use and garner from it is quite amazing within the universe. After all, what's not cool about a Jedi dying and then becoming a Force Spirit if they met the perquisites and truly teaching from beyond - or what's not could about manipulate physics and the force like Plo Koon to create a dense fog that obscures your enemies' vision? It's just very expansive and truly "awe-inspiring" for what it can do in the right hands.

What is the name of your character, and what is their history?

Cal Kestis.

Like many favorite characters within the Star Wars Universe, Cal Kestis is a Force-sensitive. In their story, they were one of the Jedi who managed to survive the purge that was Order 66 while suffering great loss and tragedy like so many who had managed to survive. Nevertheless, after they had managed to survive the Jedi Purge, Cal Kestis found himself on the planet of Bracca. There he lived a simple life, working mainly in a scrapyard managing to get by and attempting to make do with the life that he had. But, on what seemed to be a normal day, things had changed considerably. While working the scrapyard, Cal exposed himself as a Force Sensitive to that of his bustling work partner - although it was in an attempt to save him. Unfortunately, such an action made way towards that of the Inquisitors or at least the knowledge of it in some capacity which led to him or at least "a Force sensitive" being chased down by said agents of the Gallactic Empire.

After having been revealed as a Force-sensitive, he was faced with confrontation by them which ultimately led to him revealing himself as one of the surviving Jedi and attempting to fight off the Inquisitors that were dispatched to perform an investigation. While not an initially successful fight, Cal was given the opportunity to flee at the hands of a former Jedi, Cere Junda, and he took that opportunity though she essentially came out of the woodwork.

From there, his journey begins as a simple man attempting to restore the Jedi Order and dismantle the Gallactic Tyranny that is the Empire over the course of many adventures erstwhile traversing many worlds. Travelling to the planet of Zeffo, he encountered a great many things and discoveries. On Dathomir, he battled a Nightsister and many Nightbrothers. On Kashyyyk he helped in an attempt to liberate the world from the likes of the Empire. . . There is a great lot to be said, but his history can truly be summed up as one "attempting to restore the Jedi" or "at least snuff out the tyranny of the empire best he can."

What drew you to the character role you have selected?
What drew me most towards Cal Kestis as a character is his uniqueness. Although the whole gimmick of surviving Order 66 is all that new and can kind of feel cheesy at times - especially for a plot or reference point - he truly fits the bill of someone who loses, struggles, survives, overcomes, loses, struggles, survives and overcomes in that sort of cycle. That is a sort of dynamic I love in characters. The very act of "being built up" only to slowly crumble and be knocked down, force to climb one's way up again even if the losses are minor or very major. It's the essence of his story - or at least how I perceive his story at a core level. It's character development, progression and all that good stuff people love to see. He feels almost "real" in a way.

What's more is the fact he is simply just "one" of many. There are quite the few Jedi who have survived Order 66 and have their own stories to tell. Look towards that of Ashoka and Obi Wan, who respectively have gained media representation in modern day. And I do think it would be quite fun to give a try and representing someone who is of that troupe, especially with such an interesting tale to tell. I mean, he got a game and everything! That just goes to show how much of a tale there is to tell there! And with a sequel on the way? His story is far from finished!

All in all, it is the fact he is a "survivor". An overused troupe, yes. But a very interesting one especially when you place it in the face of many after Order 66. Their struggles, continued journey, foley, and penultimate adventures are very interesting... Even if it's all under the guise of merely hiding from the Empire. All of it is so very interesting to me!

Plus, he's handsome!

What are your character’s main motivations, and how will you use that to drive your story?

Originally, the motivations of Cal Kestis were to simply hide and survive, but as time evolved and he made his journey across the galaxy-- he realized that was no way to live and something that just couldn't be hospitable for any form of intelligence or life. So, he sought to do what he could to restore what once was lost or to find a means in which a need for hiding wasn't necessary. In essence, Kestis' motivation is to "not have to hide anymore" at the main crux of things.

As for how I plan to use this to drive the individual story of Cal on JvS Reborn Gaming-- I like to think of it like this. So many people fear the Sith Empire and Eternal Empire -- from a writing and in character standpoint -- so they simply hide themselves away, attempt to skirt under the radar or merely detach themselves from the world in the best way that they can to not earn their ire, gaze, or meet an unfortunate demise by them. So, what more than to strive towards working with fellow Jedi to create a galaxy - an environment where none have to hide, and they can simply live their lives as naturally as possible within the Star Wars Universe? It's very short and simple, but by nature, it extends to a lot of things and branching pathways, ideologies and methods of going down which. Plus, plenty of conflict to be had which is perfect for character growth. Suffering does build character, after all.


What is your connection to this character?

Like most, it is a simple connection. One of interest, enjoyment, and pure "love" for a character. When I first got into the Star Wars Universe or at least back into it on the media and roleplay end, I was honestly confused on what to do, how to exactly play a character within said universe or even really do much for building "in-universe reason" which is something I still struggle with. But I heard of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, a game released not too long ago that follows the story of one of Order 66's few survivors on the Jedi Order's side. So, I looked into things, and I fell in love with the story instantly. He's just someone trying to get by and make the "world" (galaxy) a better place for people to live in - even if that viewpoint is a bit narrow from my point of view.

As I was watching, I found myself getting more immerse with the character. Someone simple, as was stated before, but going through their own complex struggles. Which is quite relegable. A lot of people just want to get by and not have to worry about hiding away from the world but rather embrace at its core.

So, I would say my connection is just from a point of philosophical relation, "a place in which no one has to hide, and they can just live". Plus, I just enjoy him. He's been a character I really enjoyed ever since I first began watching others play the game.

What is your understanding of this character's origins and history?

Someone that is meant to be an example of no matter how hopeless something seems in a galaxy far, far away a long, long time ago that there is something still worth fighting for. Even if one may not realize it at first and it comes with great loss or tragedy to realize it, there is always a purpose that one serves that is truly meant for them. A track they were originally sent upon and should always follow and believe in, no matter what.

So, I would say, though the phrase is a bit old by now. . . Cal Kestis is a Padawan-survivor of the Great Jedi Purge, striving towards making the Galaxy hospitable for those who hide away under the tyranny of the Galactic Empire, fighting many battles to show and achieve his ideologies, even when he's faced with a great challenge that is nearly impossible for anyone to accomplish. After all, with the might that the Empire has? It seems like a fool's errand, but he was brave enough to face it after resolving himself to realize "a fate where one is destined to hide is not fit for anyone, even a droid." He exists as one of the few remaining pillars of what a Jedi should be, someone who fights for the sake of others so they can live a life in which they don't need to worry about tomorrow.

How are you adapting your character to fit into the Reborn timeline?

There is a plethora of ways to go about it, but ultimately it would come down to probably introducing them during an event that is either tailored towards them or simply being inserted to one - provided it makes actual sense, and they aren't just randomly shoved into something. I think the best way to fit Cal Kestis into the Reborn Timeline would be at the start of their journey, after gaining motivations. It is either that or after they become a Jedi Knight.

I believe the former to be the better option mainly due to the flexibility in which one is given. Something along the lines of this: "After discovering where the list of children would be located, with his motivations for helping the Galaxy assured and a talk with Cere, Cal is transported from his time to another time. He is no longer where he once was, but instead in an age where Sith and Jedi fight each other through the galaxy at large. Steeling himself, he works up the courage to enlist their help in making a future in which no one has to hide by snuffing out the possibility of what is to come in the distant future." The leniency is having to be trained properly, learn the ethics of the Jedi Order again, and things of that nature... While the latter is more towards, he already knows and is fully resolute, he's just simply carrying along. But it's really open to interpretation.

It really just depends on who wants to work on crafting a story with me around it!

What makes you best suited to fill this role?
I don't think I'm best suited for this role. There will always be someone better that can play a specific character better. But, with all my experience being put on the table, that of 11 years roleplaying and having showed my dedication to the JvS server despite my very limited knowledge of Star Wars that only touches upon the very core basics, I think I can represent what Cal Kestis stands for. Though I'd be placing my own twist on things sometimes, that is where the fun begins. Feel like I could do it semi-alright.


mans playing that one guy who played joker in gotham when i was in middle school nice +1 Good luck Ian Gallagher


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