Black's Ban Appeal

Steam Name and In-Game Name: Kevinthebestxx | Black
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:96580898
Banning Staff: J B L
Reason for Ban: Scamming
Ban Time: 1 Week (I've served 6 days)

What did you do?: I requested to get my crystal back from a bug that happened where it was dropped for a trade and the next day, I received another and did not do the trade correctly and I had a dupe of a crystal from staff where I got in trouble for scamming because of greediness.
Why you should be unbanned: I made one mistake of keeping the crystal and have learned to not do it again otherwise it would result in a permaban. I just want to play on the server again. I believe over the past six days, I'll remember not to do anything like this again.
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